Sophia Momodu Recounts How Her Assistant Stole Her Daughter’s US Passport

Nigerian entrepreneur, Sophia Momodu and mother of Imade Adeleke shares how her assistant once stole her daughter’s passport.

She revealed she didn’t even notice it was missing until after 2 days but thankfully they recovered it. She wrote;

Earlier this year my former assistant stole money and my daughter’s Yankee passport. I didn’t even know it was missing till my oldest nanny told me to go check my room for missing values 2 whole days after the girl left us.

Sophia Momodu Imade Davido

“I thank God for his grace, we were able to retrieve most of the things she stole. Since then my trust issues heightened when it comes to workers so I literally just let my mom and auntie do all the talking cos me I don’t even have that strength walahi.”

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