Sowore Omoyele ‘If the election is free and fair no one will vote for APC and PDP’

– African Action Congress AAC Presidential candidate, Sowore Omoyele said no rational Nigerian will vote for the APC and the PDP

– He disclosed that no one is swayed by money anymore while urging Nigerians to vote for their conscience 

The Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress AAC, Sowore Omoyele in a new statement with the Press has made it known that no rational Nigerian will vote for the All Progressive Congress APC and the Peoples Democratic Party Party PDP in the forthcoming presidential election.

Sowore Omoyele in his statement disclosed that no one is swayed by money anymore and if the election is free and fair no one would vote for the PDP and APC.

The AAC Presidential candidate also called on Nigerians to make the change now for the sake of their children, he urged Nigerians to brace up and vote for their conscience rather than let their votes to be swayed by pecuniary gains and gratification.

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He said, “Every trick in the political world has been played and outplayed by these political class. Nobody is carried away by money anymore. Nobody is swayed by rented crowd out there, with silent majority making decision to vote their conscience this time. If the elections would be free and fair, there would be no rational human being who will vote for the two major parties this time and what that means is that, we have the brightest chance in AAC.”

The African Action Congress AACvis one of the leading third force in the 2019 Presidential Election race.

While some Presidential candidates of some political parties have stepped down for a coalition candidate to defeat the APC and the PDP, Sowore Omoyele has made it known that he wouldn’t step down for a coalition candidate.

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