Speed Darlington Questions Teni’s Sexuality as She Steps Out In LGTBQ Rainbow Socks

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington questions Teni’s sexuality as she stepped up in socks with rainbow colours associated with LGTBQ.

Speed Darlington called out to Nigeria as Teni stepped out in socks with a rainbow colour associated with LGTBQ. He asked if Teni is indirectly trying to tell us she’s gay.


“Nigeria, is she gay? I mean lesbian? Is she trying to tell us something. I hope not because if she’s openly gay that music no go pip again. I know for sure Nigeria is a very religious country nobody is booking gay musicians. She going to need to move to white country be that.” He wrote.

Speed Darlington questions Teni's sexuality

Reacting to this, Teni commented ‘Simi see trouble.’

Speed Darlington questions Teni's sexuality

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