Speed Darlington Seen Fighting A Bike Man, Allegedly Refused To Pay Him (Video)

A video of Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington fighting a bike man at Yaba, Lagos has surfaced online.

According to reports the bike man branched somewhere else to deliver something while taking Speed Darlington from Ikeja to Lekki.

Speed Darlington
Speed Darlington

In annoyance, the singer dropped off the bike and was seen fighting with the bike man at Alagomeji, Yaba. It was said that he refused to pay the man because he branched somewhere else, however, the bike man insisted on his payment.

In the video, the two were seen arguing as Speed Darlington questioned why the bike man would go somewhere else to deliver something while he’s on the bike. He also ended up not paying as he was seen running away from the scene in the video.

Watch Video Below:

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