Stefflon Don Confirms Relationship With Afro Singer Burna Boy

Stefflon Don has confirmed her relationship with Burna boy with a caption of hers suggesting that they could well have a thing together.

Recall the name Stefflon Don? The British rapper who is of Jamaican descent has had some history with the celebrity stars who rock the hip hop industry, most notably, Grammy-winning Drake.

Late last year precisely in the month of November, Drake hit up Stefflon Don asking her out on a date, a request she gladly said yes to. The two were spotted together and everyone thought they were hitting it but that seemed not to be the case or could it have been a one-off hookup, we never can tell.

That said, we all know Drake has always being a ladies man and has hooked some of the baddest chicks in the Entertainment Industry but is never one to settle with one.

This time the British rapper, Stefflon Don and Nigerian Afro beat star, Burna Boy are reported to be dating. On Monday, Burna boy posted a video of himself with Stefflon looking all cozy with her head resting on his broad chest giving rise to speculations that the pair could be dating.

More eyebrows were raised when the Afro beat star soon deleted the video, however, this was after some of his followers had already downloaded the video – perks of being a celebrity you’d say. He definitely wanted to keep it ‘on a low’.

In the video, the rapper was seen sleeping just by Burna. Some hours after the video in question went viral, Stefflon Don put the speculations to rest when she confirmed that Burna was her new boo via her Instagram stories.

Her Instagram stories read: “Relax guys ain’t hit yet, but that’s bae”. Burna definitely loves them big.

Recall that the Afro beat star has also had a rumoured relationship with Cynthia Morgan in the past.

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