Teni And Niniola Participate In #ILoveYouBut Challenge

– Celebrity sisters Teni the Entertainer and sister participate in Taxify’s #ILoveYouBut Challenge

– Niniola tells her sister, Teni the Entertainer to start wearing wigs.

Forget about all the red roses, chocolates, cards, butterflies, teddybears and all the fairytale love stories in Indian movies or telenovelas. Taxify brings another dimension to Valentine’s day with the Taxify #ILoveYouBut challenge on Twitter and Instagram.

In the challenge, the participants involved share all the things that upset them about the other using the hashtag #ILoveYouBut.

The best entries for the challenge are then selected and invited for a special Valentine’s day dinner with some selected celebrity couples.

Amongst participants in the challenge include award-winning singers, Teni the Entertainer and Niniola.

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The two sisters in their elegant looks started by peering into each other’s eyes with Teni maintaining her characteristic smile exposing her sparkling white teeth.

The sexy Niniola started with “I love you but you have to start wearing wig”, Teni surprised at the suggestion made by her sister laughed it off hysterically, shaking her head in disagreement to the suggestion and replied “No No wig”

Niniola then came in with “I’m going to give you one” as if it were the main reason why her sister didn’t wear wigs. Teni who was putting on a black durag on jeans in her endearing and ever-present sense of humour then came in with “If I wear a wig then you’ll wear durag and basketball shorts”

Niniola couldn’t believe her ears. “En” was the only response she could mutter as she was mildly put pretty much stunned. “Yes” replied Teni.

The endearing Niniola laughed it off and asked “To be doing what”

Niniola attempting to call a truce came in with “Okay I’ll do make up for you” with her sister replying with “and I’ll do for you too”, a response Niniola – who knew her face was headed for  ‘makeup gone wrong’ – considering that Teni was tomboyish and hence had no clue about fashion – objected with “You? No”

Niniola later succeded at agreeing at something when she said: “Okay how about this? You style me and I’ll style you” with both sisters laughing, headed for a high-five and giving us a glimpse of what true love really meant.

Happy Valentine to all!

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