Teni Makanaki Makes Front Cover Of Genevieve Magazine

None other than the amiable and fast rising star, Teni the Entertainer known by many others as Teni Makanaki will grace this month’s cover of Genevieve magazine with the 25-yr-old singer giving us an insight to a journey of family, self-love, comedy and everything in-between.

Recall that iDONSABI.com reported elsewhere that the Ondo native was a part of Taxify’s #ILoveYouBut challenge with her sister, Niniola where the latter said she would like to see her sister put on wigs more often.

Teni has stuck to a trademark fashion style of wearing durags of different colours with either of jean trousers or basketball shorts making her pass easily as a tomboy. In this magazine, Teni Makanaki would be giving her fans an insight to her life, choice of clothes, love life and what have you.

Take a look at Teni on an orange durag. She’s always spot on!

Or when she goes for lemon green instead

According to the official IG handle of Genevieve magazine, the digital copy is available for download already.

But just before doing that, Teni has got some words for her female fans who are scared to stick out their necks for their beliefs in carving a career for themselves in music.

She is quoted by the magazine to say: “A lot of us have to fight our way through so many barriers; family, culture, religion. The popular belief that a woman has got to be in the kitchen [still exists]. Most girls aren’t confident enough to stay out late recording at the studio because society [would see them] as wayward. But we will get there someday”

In this month’s edition of Genevieve magazine, Nigerian pop culture is the subject topic and the edition poses the question: Are we experiencing the death of the mother tongue?

It is no longer news that the Nigerian culture and native languages are fading away slowly with civilization quickly taking its toll on the Nigerian lifestyle.

The February edition of the magazine discusses the issue of the mother tongue with a view to coining out a solution.

iDONSABI.com also earlier reported that the amiable Teni Makanaki burst out in tears as she sang her most recent hit Uyo Meyo. Check out the video here

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