“The Brains Of Many African Youths Are Empty” – BBA Contestant, Tayo Faniran

Ex Big Brother Africa housemate, Tayo Faniran has made a post advising people who fake their lifestyles on social media, stage happiness that doesn’t really exist in their lives and pretend to be okay while they are not.

He also blasted African youths saying many think the are “something” whilst they have nothing in their heads.

He started his post by addressing people who pretend to be what they are not on social media;

If you are on social media and faking a lifestyle and personality you never had, you aren’t different from someone walking around with a toothpick in his mouth but have not eaten meat. It means in the real sense you are just fooling only yourself. Na hunger go kill such a person.”

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He continued;

“My advice to you : please look for and find real things that will fill you up, ways to real joy and not staged happiness or comfort. Seek help, it’s ok to not have, it’s ok to be at a low point, it’s ok to be broken, crying out is not the shame but pampering and covering your downfalls and problems like a bad cake with perfect icing will only lead to eternal shame and destruction of what’s meant to be a perfect life story.

The actor who has the title; “Pan-Africanist” on his Instagram bio also advised “African youths.”

He wrote; ”African youths start using your heads, many of you feel like something but your brains are actually empty. Living for a competition that does not exist, find yourselves and fulfill the purpose of your existence. 🙏🏿 #Africa ✊🏿“

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