The Georginio Wijnaldum Moment That Is Sparking Reactions From The Media

You have most likely read a lot of Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona articles and how each of them deserve a Balon D’Or for their heroic comeback but it is Gini Wijnaldum who performed the best of the pack on that night.

The Dutch man confessed to being angry with Klopp for starting him on the bench but the former Dortmund man turned the game on its head just within 10 minutes of his introduction.

Georginio who had come on for an injured Robertson got the first goal via a pure Gerard-esque strike.

He chose power over precision and it was the sheer force of the ball that got it through the hands of Marc Andre Ter Stegen who had been spectacular all season up until that point.

Then the second came in only two minutes later. It had to be the Dutchman’s greatest jump or header ever.

Think about Lovren against Roma, Emile Heskey against Dortmund, the sort of goal Andy Carroll was brought into clubs for. The ball went in slowly and was the most devastating goal Barcelona have been forced to watch this campaign.

For GOT lovers, Wijnaldum had just said the word Dracarys and Anfield was in flames.

And then the Alexander-Arnold and Origi combination happened to wrap up the game with 11 minutes of regulation time and 5 minutes of added time left to play for.

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As if that was enough, Georginio Wijnaldum did the unexpected, one that will be talked about by the Spanish media in years to come whenever this game was brought onto the table.

The former Dortmund man with his back to Lenglet – who had latched onto him like a tick would onto its host dog – held him off then held onto the ball.


Wijnaldum holding off Lenglet

Then came Arthur and Busquets who are masters of holding the ball and commanding it to do their bidding but Wijnaldum held on and held tight until he clutched away releasing acres of space of Anfield turf for his side to exploit.

Wijnaldum containing Busquets and Arthur Melo, simultaneously holding onto the ball


Wijnaldum releasing acres of space for Liverpool to exploit

He’s got to be Anfield’s Messiah, the King of the Reds and its First Men, the Protector of its Realms if you may.

He’s Georginio Wijnaldum.

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