The Perfect Wedding on a Tight Budget

There has been so much criticism of the amount of money Nigerians spend on weddings but then many ladies are unwilling to compromise on their wedding day. A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important celebrations she’ll ever have in her lifetime hence, the need for absolute perfection.

Her wedding day is a day to celebrate and publicly declare her undying love for her lover. She dreams, plans, prays and works so hard for this day but often times her dream of the perfect day is shattered by the bazooka called reality. Reality crashes her dreams in different ways but especially as restricted finance. However, iDonsabi witnessed a beautiful wedding which cost 100,000 NGN…yup! you read right. The excited groom couldn’t hide his satisfaction with his controlled spendings.

Happy Couple

That wedding was a proof that a couple can have their beautiful day without have to break the bank. They can have perfect wedding without having to pay for it with their house rent. That wedding propelled this article to be written by iDonsabi.

The fact that you can’t have your dream gown, venue, decorations and that royal cake because you’re short of a few or a lot of greens is nothing but a lie. However, you should know that a perfect wedding is not in the budget but the planning. This article offers brides tips in planning a dream wedding on a budget as low as 200,000 NGN [Nigerian Naira].

Now by planning a wedding of less than 200k[NGN] I’d not just be proving to you that you can have a wedding, but that you can have the perfect wedding.

A Less Than 200K Wedding Sitting Two Hundred Guests…

Step 1

Printing of one piece invitation cards plus bulk SMS for as low as N10,000

Step 2


Purchase modern wedding gown from NahWah Couture, an amazing Nigerian designer that offers the international standard wedding gowns for rent for as low as N10, 000 or any other local wedding gown designer.

Step 3

Local tailoring of groom’s suit for as low as N10,000

Step 4

Bridal accessories including shoes, fan and jewelry costs 10000

Step 5

Bridal hairdo and make make up costs 8000

Step 6

Five bridesmaids dresses by NahWah for as low as 12000, fabric costs included.

Step 7

Cooked Rice

Food; fried rice and beef. A bag of rice (local) costs about 12000 and can be cooked with spices worth 3000, vegetables worth 7000 and beef worth 10,000.  Bet you did not know fried rice is one of the most affordable but yet classy food for  any occasion. Now instead of hiring a catering service, you could consult a known food seller around your area and pay her as low as 5000 or you could solicit the help of family and friends to prepare this relatively easy dish.

Step 8

Drinks,10 crates of soft drinks, fruit juice and wine for toast would cost roughly 170000.

Step 9

Purchase of  paper plates, toast cups and cutlery would cost 6000

Step 10

Wedding Cake

A beautiful three tier wedding cake by an upcoming but talented baker would cost 15000

Step 11

Souvenirs comprising of food strainers, plastic bowls etc  13000

Step 12

Decoration of venue by Nahwah costs 15000

Step 13

Venue; church or big compound {free}

Step 14

Camera Man

Camera man/photographer cost 25000.

Step 15

Hotel room for two honeymoon nights costs 10000

Other expenses: 15,000

That’s it! Have your beautiful day without using your future as a collateral.

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