‘There Is Nothing Wrong In Checking Your Daughter’s Virginity Status’ – Halima Abubakar

Nigerian actress, Halima Abubakar in reaction to T.I’s controversy about checking his daughter’s virginity says she finds nothing wrong with it.

Yesterday, T.I’s interview went viral after announcing his 18-year-old daughter’s virginity status and informing the world that he follows her to a gynecologist every year to check her hymen.

Read>>> Rapper T.I. Says He Visits The Gynecologist Every Year With Daughter To “Check Her Hymen”

Many reacted to this with the opinion that he is possessive and wrong.

Halima however seems to have a contrary opinion. She tweeted;

“I don’t see anything wrong in checking , if your daughter is still a virgin. I remember my dad taking me to see different doctors, just to be sure..He stopped after the 3time. I hated him then a bit. BUT HE IS JUST A FATHER TRYING TO PROTECT HIS STUBBORN CHILD.”

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