“This Is How People Die” – Nigerian Novelist, Elnathan John Says After Almost Suffering A Massive Stroke During A Flight

Nigerian writer and author of the satire, ‘Becoming Nigeria‘ narrated how he nearly had a massive stroke in plane if not for the timely intervention of the medical staff of the British Airways.

He confessed he was also scared about the cost of his treatment while he was being rushed to the hospital until he was told the emergency ambulance is free.

Read Full Story Below:

“Na wa. This is how one would have died in a British hospital like an African politician. Maybe I should just join politics so that at least I can have the money to match a foreign hospital death. 

“Also United Kingdom: protect your NHS. And all those who keep it running.

“Flying I had a near stroke experience but for the timely intervention of staff of @British_Airways. Now in ambulance enroute hospital with amazing @NHSEngland staff. I hope to be on my feet for my events in the next few days. Thankful for the professional UK border force staff.

“The paramedics examined me on board, immediately decided I had to go to emergency, and first thing I thought was does my insurance cover this. Do I pay out of pocket. And she said, the emergency ambulance is free. And then made the call for Border Patrol to join us in there.

“I am thankful for this. She said any minute and I would have had a massive stroke. I am thankful for the kindness. For the professionalism. For the care.”

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