Tonto Dike Gushes Over Son In Birthday Photos

Nollywood popular actress recently turned born-again Christian, Tonto Dike popularly known with the funky name Tontolet has opted to thank God via her verified Instagram handle and express happiness over the lives of her two boys who were born just three years ago.

According to the Holy Book which Tonto Dike very much believes in: ‘Children are a blessing from the Lord and happy is the man who has his quiver full of them, isn’t it? So, was the story of Tontolet who couldn’t stop gushing over the fact that her son in a twinkle of an eye has turned three.

The actress started by sharing photos of her son who was dressed in all shades of colours in a Mickey Mouse-themed photoshoot.

Tontolet seemed overly excited and didn’t fail to thank God for his goodness over her life: “My both babies are 3 years old, Lord you have done well…I owe you my life and service”, she wrote.

She then went on to pray for the 3-year old boy, Dike

“On this day may the heavens shower you with its GLORY!! Just like your name KING, Son you shall rule!! The Glory and blessings of God direct your every growth in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Jesus #KINGANDREDIKEH #KINGY2019 #BIRTHDAYBOY #17THFEB #LOVE”

Awwwn! You could develop red cheeks, enlarged pupils and parted lips in admiration of the photos but wait a little longer until you see the next photo.

Tonto who apparently takes her son, King Dike like her idol worked her knees to bend down and let the love of her life feed her.

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King Dike as she likes to call him, had picked up some popcorn from the floor to feed his mum.

“Even on his birthday he still fed me popcorn from the floor!! Awwww how cute? Lmaoo didn’t know until I eat it”


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