Tonto Dikeh Reacts As AGN Threatens to Sanction Her Over Her Outburst

— Tonto Dikeh reacted to AGN public announcement that she would be sanctioned for bad behaviour.

— She called the chairman man and used swear words to lay her points.

Tonto Dikeh isn’t going to free anyone who’s on her matter. She’s ready to reply every one worth replying including the AGN, Actors Guild of Nigeria.

The chairman, Mr Ifeanyi Dike said Tonto Dikeh shouldn’t have made her marriage public. “Everyone has marriage issues” He said.

“No one marriage is perfect. Issues like that are private. It is very unbecoming of her to portray us in bad light. There are so many actors who have issues with their marriages without getting the public involved. 

“Her actions does not speak well of the industry. We are not interested in her private matters; rather we are concerned about her attitude which is rubbing off negatively on other actresses. 

“Actions like this portray the industry as having unserious ladies. That is why men are scared of marrying actresses. Thank God that we have good examples in the industry.”

Tonto Dikeh politely insulted the chairman. She asked why he hadn’t sanctioned actresses for sex and those pushing drugs.

“Dear Ifeanyi Dike, f-ck you sir and please shove your freaking sanction right in your b-tt hole.

Signed King Tonto.

I hope this fastens your sanction from your board!!
Stupid fool you have not sanctioned the actresses going to dubia to open their mouths for old men to poop inside or the ones pushing drugs!!
Oga shove it up your Ass nigga
If only there was an EMOJI FOR WAKA.”

The mother of one is ready to fight anyone on this matter.

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