Top 10 Annoying Lines Nigerian Guys Use To Woo Ladies

I know it  has been said and even proven that ladies are turned on by what they hear. I also know that there is a guarantee that a lady will like a man if she knows that he has a sense of humor, talks smooth and best of all, complements her. Some guys knowing all this, will want to go overboard with the way they ‘chyke’ ladies. They probably think they’re being creative and that the lady will be swooned by their creative lines, oblivious of the fact that some of these lines are down right annoying!

Now, let’s check out the annoying lines guys use to woo ladies.

“Sister your face looks familiar”

Hmmm… familiar ko, farmelion ni! This is the most popular annoying line guys use to get a lady’s attention. A guy just approaches a lady he has been admiring for a while and ask “ Excuse me sister, do you live around Nigeria?…your face looks familiar”. Abegi! The moment a lady gives them attention by saying yes, a conversation between them has begun.

“Lemme take you out and spend on you”

Credit Card

This is widely used by the Igbo men. They think that there’s a price tag on every lady’s head. Some ladies tend to be materialistic so I don’t blame men who think this line will make women trip.

 “ I love you”

I find it creepy that a guy walks up to a lady the very first time and start professing his undying love for her. Most ladies don’t fall for this line because they find it lame.

“Please spare me a minute of your time? It is very important”

I think this line is smart one. No matter how much of a hurry the lady is, this line gets her attention very quickly. Sadly, that minute might turn into an annoying mintuesss… or an hour.

“Please direct me to my destination”


I resemble google map? For this line, a guy might pretend he is lost and can’t find his way so he uses that as a platform to approach the lady he’s eyeing. He might say, “Hello sister, I am going to Ibadan and I think I have missed my way. Please what is the quickest route from here to Ibadan? Can I trek from Sango Ota to Ibadan? If the lady is street wise, her reply would most likely be, “Yes oh my brother, you can, it will take like one week to get there”.

“Do you stay live in this area?”

This is one line a shy guy might use to get the attention of a lady. Even if he has been seeing her before and even know where she lives, he would usually ask that question as a startup intro to what he has to say. However, many ladies find it annoying because they like men who are on top of their game.

“Babe you are too pretty to be walking under this hot sun”


This line is often used by a guy who is driving a car and sights a lady he admires. It is then left for the lady to pay him attention. However, sometimes, the same guy saying you’re too pretty to be walking under the sun is walking under the sun too!

Still on the sun matter, one guy was like “baby are you feeling hot? lemme go to the sun and switch it off for you”
My reply? “Yes please!”. Next thing I heard was “you want to kill sombori abi?”

“Hello can we be friends?”

This line is very popular on social media platforms. Sadly the question “can we be friends” on social media, means many different and sometimes ugly things. Guys use this line to mask their real intentions. They may engage in a casual chat with a lady for few days or weeks before opening up.

“God revealed to me that you are my wife”

Hia! This line is mostly used by the religious guys and it works because most Nigerians revere God. A guy will tell a lady that God told him in his dreams, revelation or vision, that she is his wife. This line works on many ladies especially, if they are spiritual too and might not want to ‘disobey’ God. Funny though, some guys who haven’t been to church too also adopt this method.

“You must be an angel”


Some days, I just wonder if the guys who use this punch line have ever seen an angel before…things happen, I know… However, its downright annoyingly amusing when a guy compares or likens a lady to a celestial being.

Since the act of wooing will continue as long as the world as we know it exists, here’s my honest advice guys; You mustn’t tell lies just to woo a lady. Try not to go overboard. Be yourself and let your creativity be an extension of your person and not someone you are not. Ladies can tell when a guy is being sincere and can sniff out dishonesty a mile away.


So…guys, guilty or not guilty?


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