Top 10 Annoying Things Guests do at Nigerian Weddings

Going to a Nigerian wedding often leaves you with lots of memorable experiences, especially when they serve ‘interesting’ jollof rice with all the assorted meats Nigerians love. Most Nigerian weddings keep your interest alive with several things like the asoebi, the often loud chairman and the family drama.

Moreover, there is always someone to entertain you in a Nigerian wedding. Guests display behaviours that are composed, funny, or even plain annoying. These guest give you free cinematic experience…in 3D. However, sometimes, their acts get very annoying.

Let’s take look at the annoying things some guests do at Nigerian weddings:



The reason for RSVP is so you can tell the couple you are coming and you are tagging someone along. That way, the couple can plan for the extra guest. However, in Nigeria its DRSVP; Don’t reply if you please! They invite their neighbours, their whole community and those people in turn come with their own crowd. This is the number one reason why food don’t get to everyone in a wedding. There is usually a shortage food items in many Nigerian wedding because the couple only plan for the number of people they invited.

#2 Souvenir Drama

Some people go ahead to make a scene because they need another souvenir or someone else has an item they don’t have and want. Take a closer look at what they are fighting for and you would realise its just plastics and key holders. This reason for this is the Nigerian osho free mentality. Ejoo try to be content with whatsoever you are given at any wedding. Fighting over souvenirs is just plain irritating!

#3 Caterer /Guest Showdown

These are the “do you know who I am?” people. They struggle for food and drinks with their expensive lace and handbags. We acknowledge that Nigerian party rice is like gold but then again, it’s not worth tainting your image. Whenever you go to a wedding, do what you are being told to do. Join the queue if it is a buffet. Wait for your turn if food is being served from table to table. Don’t go around shouting at the caterer and ordering them to bring food to your table or serve you first.

#4 The Food Wasters

Cooked Rice

Now that they have given you the food, oya eat it. I understand that food can be served in large portions sometimes, but if it is a buffet, please dish what you can finish or give the food to someone else who can. It is rude not to finish your meal. If you are full then don’t order for food!

#5 Ghana Must Go Bags

Some people take food items home from a wedding; not bad if its your share and you’re trying not to waste food. But then again, there are some that kick up a notch; they order food multiple times under pretence that each time is their first time of ordering. You would often see them transferring drinks into empty bottle water container to take home or wrap a piece of meat in a paper and transfer the item into their bags. This is highly embarrassing.

#6 Reserved Seat Ke?

Some guests have no regard for reserved seats. They seat down where they wish and dare you to make them stand from there. The fact that you are a friend to the bride’s mother or that you don’t think you will see the whole scene from where you are seated doesn’t give you a right to occupy a reserved seat. When at a wedding, respect seating arrangements and sit at your designated seat.

#7 Items 1, 2, 3, 4…


Some plates at Nigerian wedding look like artworks of three year olds; so many colours and shapes! You would likely see someone having rice, samosa, spring rolls, salad and efo riro in one plate. The obvious question is this; aren’t they scared of what would happen to their stomach afterwards?

#8 The Critics

If you are not happy with the wedding arrangement but had nothing to contribute to the wedding’s success, reserve your comments! Don’t say a word. You would most likely hear guests say  all manner of things like “her wedding dress is not that beautiful”, “the groom is short”, “the bride is fat”, “I don’t like the interior décor, it is a mismatch”, “the food doesn’t taste ok” “What would their baby even look like”(really?). Hearing people say these things at a wedding makes you wonder.

#9 The Asoebi Drama

Some people before the wedding, ask the bride to show them samples of the asoebi, they say they can’t afford it but then run off to the market to get the same material. They deal the bride the final blow by wearing the asoebi to the wedding. Some shamelessly say they didn’t even know the obviously matching dresses are the same.

#10 The Social Media Jokers

Facebook Icon

With the help of smart phones, guests now take pictures of the couple in awkward position…for instance, a bride tripping on her gown, or a shy kiss, a groom covering a yawn or the bride frowning at something or someone. They upload these pictures on social media with very hurting comments. What ca we say? There is God oh!

Some Nigerian wedding guests can be very annoying but then again what is a Nigerian wedding without the crowd (good and bad alike), drama and many plastic wedding gifts! On the other hand, a good name is better than many plates of jollof rice, drinks and plastics souvenirs.

Got any comments on annoying things guests do at Nigerian weddings? Let’s get chatting in the comments section!

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