Top 10 Annoying Things Nigerian Parents Do

Saying that growing up with Nigerian parents is interesting, is a rude understatement. Sometimes when I reflect on the things we were forced to do as children, I tend to laugh hysterically…other days, I’m just puzzled!

Many Nigerian parents make children serve them compulsorily, and sometimes rob them of fun times. In most cases, a child could get series of slaps for trying to stand up to their Nigerian parents. So to avoid being slapped, kids just let them have their way! And when I say kids or children, I mean any Nigerian still living with their parents.

Even with the rate of civilisation, the chances are that most Nigerian kids would probably treat their own kids same way too. I can hear some Non-Nigerians exclaiming “what the!” But you know what? We turned out great! All the things our parents did and still do gives us something unique… “strength”.

I believe this is the reason why Nigerians can survive the worst of situations, with a smile because we were brought up by mothers who mandated us not to make a sound when we’re being flogged.

Enough talk,  here are some of the annoying things most Nigerian parents do:

They Send us on “Unnecessary Errands”

Funny Nigerian Memes

Our mothers are known for sending their children on unnecessary and very  annoying errands. Just imagine your mum calling you from a distance to help her get something that is within her reach. Try to tell her to get it herself…if you dare!

There is Always a Reason Why we Fail at Something

Our parents can easily jump to conclusion. You cannot try to explain a situation to them and they take it just as you explained it. They will be like “why would you not be jobless when you are eating free food?!” or “Is it not your mates that are passing JAMB”…even when you spent all your time reading.

Are you Ok?

This is not them checking if you are mentally or emotionally stable. When a Nigerian parent asks you this question, they are calling your attention to your stupidity.

When they Eye us in Public


Don’t get carried away when you go out with your mum as she expects you to check her face for signs. For instance, if she blinks her eyes at you funnily, she’s warning not to eat food offered by a host. You do so, you are dead.

You are Expected to Cry Without Making Noise

This one thing still annoys me till date.Nigerian parents beat you and then threatened to beat you if you make a sound. You hear words like “Shut up. If I hear pim…”

Your Actions are Being Justified Negatively

Nigerian parents justify their children’s actions and form a new reason to lash out at them. You hear words like “why won’t you talk back at me when you have started growing pubic hair?”

Nigerian Parents Don’t Want to Accept Defeat

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When they sometimes feel they have gone overboard with certain issues, the typical Nigerian parent would want to cover up their mistakes. They find a way to cover it up and make you the victim again. In situations like this, you’d often hear things like “Don’t you know I am your father?” or “If you don’t listen to me, you’re doing yourself oh”

They Hardly say “I’m sorry”

Waiting for the typical Nigerian parent to say sorry is like waiting for cows to fly. Not that they don’t know they’ve offended you. They know they’ve offended you deeply, but apologizing to you is a no-no for them. Their way of apologizing to you is by sending you on an errand or giving you leftover food.

They Tend to be Dramatic

Funny Nigerian Memes

Nigerian parents are known for their world class drama. Hence you hear something like “So you have a boyfriend!” or the manipulative “After all I have done for you. I suffered and carried you in my womb for nine months…” With the last one, you wouldn’t even know when you break down in tears of repentance.

Nigerian Mum Cheats You by Collecting Your Money

Mothers tend to assume the role of a bank when you receive money from someone especially in their presence. They’ll tell you they are keeping it for you. However, when it’s time for you to get your money back from them, you hear words like “All the food you have been eating in this house, you think I bought them for free?”


Our Nigerian parents have many attributes, some wonderful, some funny, and some downright annoying. But we love them all the same. Because, without them, we wouldn’t be who we are…the most unique people in the world!

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Annoying Things Nigerian Parents Do

  • September 15, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    So are you Implying that all what they do make us turn out great. If so then that’s a lie. What they do is pure violation and abuse of children due to their shortcomings. Pls reply me;thanks.

  • January 5, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    This is very true

  • March 2, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    NOOO! My mum is loving and caring like many others Nigerian mothers.


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