Top 10 Channels to Learn French 2020

YouTube is considered a learner’s paradise as there’s a myriad of free channels and videos to learn French. Watching the videos do not only improve your French but make you get acquainted with different accents and dialects.

You also capture visual cues and lip movements of native speakers as they pronounce words. There’s a YouTube channel for everyone irrespective of levels.

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced French learner? There’s a broad range of videos which appeals to your needs. We’ve compiled a list of top ten channels to learn french in 2020. Let’s cut to the chase!

1. Frenchpod101

Peaking at number one is FrenchPod101, a language learning resource which introduces you to French. Based on your learning goals and level, there’s a playlist page where you can access all series.

With a plethora of videos on the basics, vocabulary, study tips and cultural insights, this channel isn’t only informative but entertaining.

Are you a beginner? check out the series “French in 3 Minutes”. FrenchPod101 is definitely the right place to kick-start your French learning.

2. Learn French with Alexa

With over 910,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Alexa infuses humour in her teachings. Her rich vein of humour makes learning interesting and enjoyable.

The videos are mostly short, about two minutes with words subtitled in French, accompanied by English translations.

Alexa’s engaging and conversational style of teaching has gained her popularity and many subscribers.

Do you have any question for her? She sometimes hold live streams where she answers French questions.

3. Learn French with Pascal

Targeted at beginner and intermediate learners, Learn with Pascal offers various free videos with graphics and subtitle features.

Having a large variety of videos on numerous topics such as verb tenses, grammar lessons, pronunciation and songs, this channel has been proven to be a great choice for visual learners.

The videos are mostly shot in a conversational style lasting for close to 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Learn French with Vincent

Created by a French expert, Learn French with Vincent is a popular YouTube channel aimed at all levels.

Arranged in a logical order, the videos covers topics like grammar, vocabulary and every day life.

5. YouLearnFrench

YouLearnFrench is an interactive YouTube channel which offers a step-by-step guide to your French improvement.

It contains diverse content, including quizzes, songs, tests and sample dialogues.

From the common French adjectives to distinct stuff like Olympics vocabulary, YouLearnFrench creates an interesting learning experience.

6. The Travel Linguist

Featuring a collection of slick and simple video lessons on common words and phrases that’ll be needful in specific situations like dining and shopping, The travel linguist has indeed lived up to its aims.

Interactivity and repetition are a huge part of this series. Do you intend travelling abroad? This channel will be helpful.

7. Oh La La, I Speak French

This language learning platform enlightens the learners about the French Language and culture.

It has a variety of playlists which are centred on French for travellers, slangs and others.

Oh La La, I speak French consists of a web series which focuses on the life of two French sisters residing in Los Angeles.

There’s also the ‘French Learning Video Blog‘ series which instructs beginners on basic words and expressions.

8. Damon and Jo

In this channel, the hosts, Damon and Jo globe-trots, creating funny videos about their adventures, leisure, food and French language.

The videos are usually in three different languages: English, Portuguese and French.

Though they aren’t native speakers, Damon and Jo has shown that they are well versed in French as they analyze the culture from an American and Brazilian perspective.


Suitable for beginners, JeFrench consists of few mini French lessons on simple phrases related to travel, introducing yourself, counting and more.

The playlist is in no logical order but the videos are simple and clear with no distracting pictures or colours.

This series encourages repetition of words and phrases.

10. Français Authentique (Authentic French)

Just like the name, authentic French helps you learn “original french” pronunciation, idioms and expressions.

The channel incorporates immersive learning while videos are shot in slow, clear French Language with French and English subtitles.

This channel consists of web series which focuses on personal development, lifestyle and vlogs for French students.

You can also access French courses and podcasts on the website.

Do you want to improve your grasp of French? This channel is ideal for you.

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