Top 10 Expo Tactics Students Use During Examination

Expo, exhibit, chokes, micro-bomb, paper, micro-chip, ngbo and many more, are names used by Nigerian students in describing any piece of incriminating material smuggled into the examination hall for the purpose of illegally passing examinations.

What most of these students do not know is that there is LAW in the Federal Republic of Nigeria that incriminates any form of cheating during examination such as stealing and snuggling of examination question papers, impersonation, obstruction of supervision, result forgery or obstruction of examination. Any of these offences attracts a punishment of 5 years imprisonment or a fine of N50,000 or both; this is stated in the Examination Malpractices Act, Number 33 of the 1999 Constitution. Yup! you could have been imprisoned as a teenager writing JAMB or WAEC in Nigeria

But this law has done little or nothing to dissuade students from engaging in examination malpractices. Maybe because this law is seldom enforced on offenders.Students still engage is all sorts of examination malpractice using many different mischievous skills they have developed.

Here are 10 of such skills:

 1. Palmexhibit aka Writing answers on palms


Writing expo on the palm and other parts of the body have become a ‘norm’ among students who cheat in examinations. These students make all manner of jotting on their palms, thighs, arms etc, all in a bid to have a clue of how to answer just a few questions.

You need to see how hard they try to clean up this mess when they are discovered, it’s usually a funny sight.

2. Calculexpo aka Writing expo on calculator

As long as you’ve given some Nigerian students the opportunity to enter an examination hall with a calculator, there’s always a chance they’re going to use it in cheating in that examination. Some inscribe all sorts of jottings on the calculator covers, while others store some notes in programmable calculators.

3. Deskbomb aka Writing and hiding expo in examination desk


In a situation where students have a clue of where they would sit during examination, some students can strategize if allowed to enter the examination hall before the exam commences.

These students would go into the examination hall under the pretext that they are going to read but end up scribbling notes on the desk or hiding piece of jottings inside the desk, hoping to come back and use it when the examination commences.

4. Valentiknow aka Writing expo on their clothes

These are the future “fashion designers” who get creative by writing answers on their clothes. Yes they do that too. Some students go as far as wearing two or three underwear, usually white. They jot notes on these underwear using ink pen. When in the examination hall, they go ahead to lift their outer clothing to reveal the hidden bomb they have inside.

5. Hep me aka Writing on question paper and passing to a friend


While in the university, we were always warned never to write on our question paper during examination. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Students usually wrote their answers on their question paper and exchanged with their friends who were clueless on how to tackle the question. The cycle continues until both parties have the exact same work on their answer sheet.

6.  Micro-chip aka Smuggling in mobile phone 

The advent of smart technology now means you can have a small smartphone which is powerful as a computer. Students know this, that is why those who cheat, do all they can to smuggle in mobile phones or even tablets into the examination hall. They probably take pictures of their notes or save a document format of the subject they are about to write in these devices.

Some of them just equip this devices with the fastest internet connection, hoping to ‘Google’ their way through every question.

7. Importer aka Smuggling in piece of paper (expo) into the exam hall 

Crumpled paper

Arguably one of the oldest cheating trick in the book. Students who cheat, use various skills and techniques to smuggle into the examination hall, any piece of paper that contains something they had previously jotted down.

Some hide it in their socks, shoes, underwear, mathematical sets, hair, pockets, etc.

 8. What long neck you have! aka Giraffing

I don’t think I there’s any Nigerian student who doesn’t know about this trick; many have tried, and many are still going to try it. This cheating method is named ‘Giraffing’ because students usually stretch their necks like giraffes in a bid to see what their mates are writing. They easily get spotted by the invigilators, who change their seats or make them stand up for a few minutes as punishment.

9. Mail Man aka Use of a mercenary

Of course students who cheat, go as far as hiring a mercenary to help them write a test or an examination. This is usually seen as impersonation and attracts stiff penalties for both the student and the impersonator (mercenary).

10. I just wanna know aka Asking other candidates

Questions Image

Some students simply cannot face their work during an examination, they talk and talk. When they face any question they have no clue about how to answer, they quickly ask anyone sitting next to them. Examination invigilators usually frown at this and punish any culprit; but this does little in deterring others. Some students are so good at this that they seem to have mouths on the side and back of their heads!

This might seem like a funny piece but examination malpractice is not just WRONG, it dulls the mind and kills self confidence. Nigerian students and in fact anyone reading this must desist from all acts of examination malpractice.  After all, na there corruption dey start.

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