Top 10 Football Clubs in the World

Football is perhaps the most popular team sport in the world. The attraction this sports garners is quite unprecedented. Fans across the World can yell in ecstasy as their favorite teams take on each other on the rectangular playing field.

There’s so much money involved in football, football clubs make and spend billions of euros yearly as the business continues to evolve.

In this piece, we take a look at the top 10 football clubs in the World of soccer in terms of their financial value.

Forbes magazine has a huge reputation for publishing near-accurate yearly rankings of football clubs valuation, and we are going to take a look at the top 10 best clubs using Forbes ranking as of May 2016.

#1 Real Madrid

The Spanish giants are the first on the list and one of the two Spanish teams on the top 10. Real Madrid is valued at £2.52 billion. The capital city based club won the UEFA Champions League this year and have won it 11 times in total more than any other club. Real Madrid C.F. are an exciting team to watch and are always in contention for silverwares.

#2 Barcelona

Closely following Real Madrid is their Spanish rivals Barcelona the Catalan giants are valued at £2.46 billion. Barcelona has been a dominant force in Europe and has a trophy chest full of trophies. Barcelona has the acclaim of being the most successful club in the World.

#3 Manchester United

The first English team on the list is Manchester United. The ‘Red Devils’ as they are popularly known, are valued at £2.3 billion. Manchester United is the most successful club in English football having won the English premier league more than any other club in England. They play at Old Trafford Manchester.

#4 Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is the most successful club in Germany and the only German team on the list. Bayern Munich is valued at £1.85 billion. The club plays at the Allianz arena and has won everything “winnable” in club football.

#5 Arsenal

Arsenal football club remains the only club to win a premier league title in England without losing a single match. Arsenal is valued at £1.4 billion. The North London outfit are renowned for churning in improved yearly revenue. However, they are yet to win any trophy in a European competition.

#6 Manchester City

Manchester City has catapulted themselves to the top ten following their takeover by a Saudi billionaire, Sheikh Mansour. Man City is currently valued at £1.33 billion. Manchester City is gradually becoming a force in Europe, they reached the Champions League semi-finals last season for the first time in their history.

#7 Chelsea

‘The Blues’ are privileged to be in the elite list of clubs in world football whose value have risen tremendously over the years. Chelsea, owned by a Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovic are regular contenders for the English premier league title having won the premier league 3 times in the last 10 years. In 2012, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League. They are valued at £1.15 billion.

#8 Liverpool

Liverpool is England’s most successful club in European competitions. The Merseyside club is valued at £1.07 billion. They have won the Champions League on 5 occasions.

#9 Juventus

‘The Old Lady’ as Juventus is popularly known, is the only Italian team to make the list. Valued at £900million, Juventus remains the most successful club and dominant club in the Series A.

#10 Tottenham

Spurs are the third London club on the list. Tottenham might not have the trophies to show for it, but they are right up there among the elites. Valued at £704 million, Tottenham lost their opportunity to win the premier league last season by nothing but a hairbreadth.

Well according to Forbes, there you have it; your top ten football clubs. Hmmm…thinking out loud…Do you think this is a fair list? Let us know in the comments section.

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