Top 10 Most Expensive Primary and Secondary Schools in Lagos

It is believed that the better your education, the better your life will be. Although this is not absolutely true, there is an element of truth in it.

To get very good education, you must be willing to pay. The list of the most expensive schools in Lagos will leave you surprised because of how much people are willing to pay just to acquire good education.

Here they come!

American International School of Lagos

This school is situated in a choice part of Lagos city. This is an American school that is based in Lagos. It has two campuses. It is a school that accommodates nationals of different countries, majority of them are Americans.

American International School of Lagos was founded in 1961 and is the most expensive primary school in Lagos. Students of the American International School of Lagos pay an annual fee of $15,000

Grange School Lagos

Grange school, Lagos is located in Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos. It was founded in 1958 by British nationals. Their aim of starting this school was to have a school in Nigeria that is equivalent in standard to schools located in the United Kingdom.

Grange school Lagos is both a boarding and day school, it has about 430 students and is the second most expensive primary schools in Lagos. Students of grange school Lagos pay an annual school fees of ₦4.5 million annually.

Meadow Hall

Meadow hall school was founded in 2002 by Mrs. Kehinde Nwani, a graduate of law from Obafemi Awolowo University. Meadow hall makes use of a fusion of the British curriculum and Nigerian culture. The school is located on Lagos Island and has two campuses. One in lekki and the other in Ikoyi.

Meadow hall school has a membership strength of 1105 and its students pay annual school fees of 3 million Naira.

Corona School Agbara

Corona school was established in 1992, it is a school that accommodates both boarding and day students. It aims at building students that are well grounded intellectually, physically, socially and academically. Corona school aims at ensuring that its students are qualified to live and compete favorably in a technological world. An annual fee of ₦2.55 million is paid by each corona student.

Corona students have successfully written both British and American examinations.

British International School, Victoria Island.

British international school is a British school in Nigeria. It is located in ivory private estate, Victoria Island. Established in 2001, British international schools accommodates students of various nationalities who are aged 11-18. When this school started, its teachers were majorly expatriates although at the moment, there are Nigerians that are part of the work force.

British international school is currently managed by the Oniru royal family with Prince Mustapha Oniru as the school administrator.

Pupils of British international school pay an annual school fee of ₦4,480,000.

Lekki British International School

Lekki British international school was established in the year 2000, it is also the first British boarding school in Nigeria. It is located in Lekki Peninsula, Lagos Island. Lekki British international school aims at helping your child discover his/her unique talent in a conducive British environment in Nigeria.

Pupils of Lekki British international school pay an annual school fees of ₦4,003,000. This amount covers transportation, school fees, school uniform and boarding.

Greensprings School

Greensprings School was established in 1985, it is a Nigerian school with campuses in Anthony and Lekki. It makes use of the Montessori system of education and currently has a population of 2500 pupils.

Greensprings School is open to bed then day and boarding students. Each pupil of Greensprings Montessori School is expected to pay an annual fee of ₦3,105,200 for boarding students and ₦1,925,200 for day students.

Atlantic Hall

Atlantic hall is a private School located in Epe, Lagos. It used to be located in Ikeja, Lagos. Atlantic hall school is one of the most expensive schools in Lagos.

Students of this school Pay an annual school Fees of ₦2,270,000.

Dowen College

Dowen College is located in lekki and gives students the opportunity to relate with their host Community. It is open to both and both day and boarding students. Dowen College gives maximum and individual attention to each student. Each class size in Dowen College does not exceed 20 students, this helps to mould the students and prepare them to be global citizens. Dowen College’s boarding facility is located at a walkable distance from the school building. As a result of this, students have to walk to school everyday. This gives them a sense of responsibility.

Students pay an annual school fee of ₦2,000,000 for boarding students and ₦1,250,000 for day students.

Chrisland College Lagos

Chrisland College charges its students an annual school fee of ₦2,000,000. This fees are payable before the first day of school and can also be paid on the first day of school.

Although, the above listed schools are the most expensive in Lagos, they are not necessarily the best. The cost of a school’s fee does not necessarily translate into quality education. However, these schools seem to offer somethings others don’t.

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