Top 10 Real Estate YouTube Channels

YouTube ranks as the second most used search engine after Google. Whether you’re looking for lessons, tutorials or instructions, there’s something for everyone on YouTube.

There’s a broad range of channels on real estate investing which will do you much good if you watch or subscribe to them.

Do you want to gain in-depth knowledge of real estate and properties?  We’ve compiled a list of top ten real estate YouTube channels for you.

1. Graham Stephan

Launched in December 2016, this channel centres on investment, financial independence, house hacking, early retirement and saving money.

Providing a steady stream of videos on his YouTube channel, the creator has been able to amass millions of views and subscribers on the platform.

Having a track record of over $120,000,000 in residential real estate sales, it’s no surprise that Graham is regarded as one of the best real estate experts.

The channel features programs like The YouTube Creator Academy and The Real Estate Agent Academy.

The YouTube Creator Academy teaches viewers how to grow their YouTube channels and create wealth.

The second, Real Estate Agent Academy, instructs viewers on how to become real estate agents and grow their business.

If you want to know more about real estate investment, then you should subscribe to this channel.

2. Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets ranks amongst the most popular real estate YouTube channels.

Renowned for their latest real estate content, Bigger Pockets is committed to helping people increase their knowledge base of real estate.

This channel features in-house experts who publish tutorials and tips on real estate investing.

Each video lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour, featuring guests who offers podcasts on real estate, beginners guide to real estate amongst others.

With 559,000 subscribers, Bigger Pockets has topped the list of real estate YouTube channels.

3. Grant Cardone

From book reviews, lead generation to tips and tricks on real estate, Grant Cardone’s YouTube channel is the next big thing.

Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, investor and CEO of 7 private companies. His real estate company, Cardone Captial controls over $500+ million.

He’s written 8 business books and hosted 13 business programs. According to Forbes, he’s ranked amongst the top social media business influencers today.

The creator uploads 4-5 videos daily; these videos are mostly on real estate and sales.

The channel has 1.37 million subscribers. Want to learn from a real estate guru? Subscribe to this channel.

4. Bryan Casella

Another channel that has become so popular in the real estate market is Bryan Casella.

If you want to know fundamental information about real estate, then this channel is the place to be.

The videos covers topics on buying and selling, real estate listings, communication and sales, real estate agents topics and real estate strategies.

5. Phil Pustejovsky

Popularly known for his excellent real estate skills and knowledge, Phil Pustejovsky’s real estate vlog is on our list of top ten real estate YouTube channels.

The channel covers a wide range of topics on personal finances, sources of passive income and real estate investing.

Looking for an in-depth understanding of real estate? Take sneak peeks of videos and I bet you, you’ll be glued to the channel.

6. Max Maxwell

This next YouTube channel is a safe haven for real estate investors and enthusiasts.

Max takes you along on his real estate journey, covering topics on real estate podcasts, real estate marketing, sales and wholesale real estate.

7. Morris Invest

Are you affected by the Wall Street Stock news? Are you tired of people telling you unscrupulous ways to increase your wealth? This channel helps you build financial freedom.

8. Joe Crump

This channel enables you learn the ropes of real estate investing with little or no income.

Having over 31,500 subscribers and over 3 million views on his channel, Joe Crump offers tips on how  to purchase and sell real estate with little or no money.

9. Epic Real Estate Investing

This YouTube channel offers a step-by-step guide on real estate investing.

Epic Real Estate Investing teaches people how to invest in real estate and increase wealth through a creative real estate investing program so they can retire in the next 3 to 5 years.

10. Lexi Levinrad

Having over 200 videos on real estate investing, house wholesaling, flipping houses and buying rental properties, Lexi Levinrad has indeed proved that he’s a real estate guru.

His videos will teach you how to build financial freedom by investing in real estate. Are you a new investor? Subscribe to this channel and learn at your own pace.

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