Top 10 Sacriest Nigerian Movies Ever

There was a time when Nigerian movies took over the country just like the songs are currently doing. The genre which made Nigerian movies very popular and to stand out was the horror genre. This genre usually displays dark magic and witchcraft in the African way. Back then as kids, when you see these movies, you’d be scared half to death to sleep alone in a room because you’d believe the characters in the movies were definitely haunting you. Below are some of the scariest Nigerian movies ever made;

#1 Igodo

igodo nigerian movie







Igodo is one of Nigeria most popular horror movies. Most of the scenes were set in the forest. It featured Sam Dede and Norbet Young, Charles Okafor and others. The story talks about a hero paying a heavy price to save his land that was enveloped in darkness. The hero later gave up and died. The movie was an interesting one.

#2 Blood Money

Blood Money nigeria movie







Many horror acts was shown in this movie. Remember the part where a boy turned into a chicken after he picked up money from the floor and was carried away for rituals? Parents used that scene to scare their children not to pick money from the floor or collect anything from strangers. Kanayo. O. Kanayo really played the bad man well in this movie.

#3 Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring







In this horror movie, the veteran actress, Liz Benson was the fierce, angry ghost, who killed everyone that robbed her grave and stole her precious diamond ring. The movie was directed by Tade Ogidan.

#4 Koto Aye

Koto Aye film







This Yoruba movie gave people goose-bumps from beginning to the end. Remember the dance of the witches? Watching that part reminded me of zombie dance scene in Micheal Jackon’s ‘Thriller’. Watching that scene wasn’t pretty at all.

#5 Oracle

oracle movie







After seeing this movie, you wouldn’t want to even walk to your toilet without an escort for days! The flying evil objects in this movie will give you chills. This movie influenced the way Nigerians regarded figurines as household items. Pete Edochie was really evil in this movie.

#6 Witches

Witches movie








Liz Benson really did well with her sheer evil acts in this movie. The star actress was a Dracula with a heart of stone in this movie. You probably shouldn’t watch this movie at night as the eerie noises and evil acts shown in this movie may keep you awake all night.

#7 Full Moon

Full Moon movie








In this classical horror movie, Regina Askia the protagonist is possessed by the ‘moon spirit’ and she gets to do stuff that speaks nightmares. This movie will literally send shivers down your spine when you watch it.

#8 Karishika








In this classical movie, a lady who is beautiful by day and a blood sucking demon by night is sent by the devil to earth to destroy successful men. She would influence the men to send their wives away and then proceed to take away their money, power and wreck them totally. However, she didn’t escape the prayers of the wife of the men she intended to destroy. As thunder struck her, she kept changing into different several wild ferocious animals, before disappearing. You probably shouldn’t watch this movie at night. It is very scary!

#9 Last Burial

Last Burial







Ogbuefi was known as a devout Christian who highly values his religion, but that was on the surface for all to see. When he died, the occultist group he belonged to came to perform their rituals expected of them when their member dies. That left his family members in shock. What ensued in this movie between his family and the occultist group as to who has the final right to perform the final burial for him may leave you screaming and sending chills down your spine.

#10 Billionaire’s Club

Billionaires Club






Well not all that glitters is gold. A poor man, who went in search of wealth, was lured into joining an occultist group by his friend with the promise of him getting rich faster when he joins. He joined but in the long run the price to pay was high. I still cannot get over the scene where he offered his new born baby to be pounded in a mortar by a fetish lady in the cult. This is one classical scary horror movie.

Nollywood is currently growing stronger as it offers many plays for relaxation and entertainment, not only for Nigerians, but also for foreigners all over the world. The movie industry is growing big. It is becoming the largest movie industry in Africa. Nollywood deserves credit for its accomplishments so far, because in genres like horror, drama, comedy, romance, action films and soap operas, Nollywood as shown that they are equal to the task.

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