Top 10 Web Hosting Solutions Used in Nigeria

These are the top web hosting sites used by Nigerian web developers. As a Nigerian one would expect that these hosting companies will be Nigerian right? Sorry to disappoint you. Nigerian hosting sites are not bad but they are a far cry from their foreign counterparts especially in quality of customer services and amount of traffic they can cater for.

Another thing again is that some of these Nigerian web hosting companies are resellers or middle men for foreign web hosting companies. They have to make their profits therefore in the long run they might be more expensive. These sites have been selected after extensive research and opinions from Nigerian web masters.

These are the top 10 web hosting sites in Nigeria in no particular order.


I like the name, it really does sound cool, but what’s in a name? Their pricing starts at $3.95 a month and they have other packages, so you can choose what covers your needs.  They offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. For those of you with large traffic I imagine your eyes light up. They also help transfer you from another host without hassles. To learn more check out


This is another cool name, even cooler than the first. What’s with me and names? Alright I’ll not talk about names anymore. GoDaddy is very popular among site owners. This I guess is a testament to the quality of their service delivery. They are a web hosting and domain registration company. As at 2016 they have about 13 million customers. And they have registered close to 60 million domain names, making them the largest domains registrars in the world. Godaddy offers unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth allowance. Their pricing starts at a little over a 3$ a month, they also have a wide variety of packages to suit your needs. They have MYsql and other popular scripts hosting. Visit for more info.


With over 20 years hosting sites, this American company is a force to reckon with. It is usually among the first web hosting companies Nigerian Webmasters will recommend for you. Some of their offers include unlimited disk storage and unlimited band width. Hosts up to 100 MySQL databases and supports up to 2500 POP3/POP3 secure email.  Supports audio streaming amidst other features, there starting price is $3.95 per month. Bluehost also provides 24/7 customer service support.

Tiger Technologies

If you are green friendly and (I don’t see why you shouldn’t be), then you may want to try out this web hosting company. They offer at least 20 Gb of storage and unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, fast transferring of your data from another web hosting company. Their starting price is at $9.95, but the most impressive thing about them is there customer service, some of their clients swear by it. Learn more at


According to one review in 2016 it was rated the best web hosting site in the world. If it is good for the world, then it is good for Nigerians. Just host has three plans which you can choose from. Basic, plus and prime, prime is mostly recommended and it offers unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage space. The starting price for Basic is $3.95. Learn more at


A great idea needs a great host, that’s what they say. Their cheapest package starts at 2.99 pounds a month; they are running a promo now. Usually it’s a pound more expensive. They offer a lot of features including free domain name, free website builder, free email address and many other freebies. Visit to learn more.


If you are a newbie at creating and building sites, then maybe ipage is a good place to start. They have a lot of free web building tools, video tutorials and many more. Ipage is very particular about mobile sites; most Nigerians go online using mobile devices. This particular feature is a good advantage for a Nigerian. They charge $3.95 for the first most and subsequently $11.95. Quite pricey right? But if you like what they are offering and can afford it, then do business with them. Check out to learn more.


Their starting price is 5.75 pounds per month. They offer unlimited MySQL database, free marketing credit, and free unlimited emails per domain. Free domain name registration and unlimited storage space. They offer marketing tools for Google and bing and other popular sites. Learn more at

Yahoo web hosting

Most people know yahoo for their email providing services and there search engine. They also run web hosting services. Yahoo has been in this internet business for long, therefore you can trust them. Their starting price is $5.95 per month, and there hosting services are tailored for small businesses and individuals. Their features include unlimited disk space, unlimited data storage and unlimited email storage.  They support unlimited MYSQL 5 database storage also supports PHp. To learn more visit


As the name implies, your site is hosted in the clouds. One of the advantages is higher security and more flexibility. When you host with cloud hosted some of the features you get include free domain name, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL database. Their starting price is $5.95. Go to to learn more.

Nigerian hosting companies are cheaper; at least some of them and you get to pay in Naira. If you want to host a blog or a site with little traffic, then you can try a Nigerian site. If you want to go pro though, foreign web hosting companies are it.

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