Top 10 YouTube Channels for Gamers 2020

The love for video games hasn’t waned but has become increased with the invention of internet. From Let’s play videos to comedy sketches to game reviews, YouTube gaming channels rakes in millions of subscribers and views. There’s been a growing audience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s take a look at the top 10 YouTube channels for gamers in 2020.

1. PewDiePie

Peaking at number 1 is PewDiePie, a YouTube channel with 105 million subscribers.

The channel is popular for the Let’s play videos and comedic formatted shows.

Created in 2010, the eponymous channel is ranked amongst the most viewed and most subscribed YouTube channels.

The channel’s growth over the years created room for diversity as more content like comedy shorts, music videos and vlogs are featured on it.

2. JuegaGerman

With 40.3 million subscribers, German has climbed the ladder of success on YouTube.

The Chilean YouTube star first started off as a Spanish comedian before taking the YouTube space by storm.

In June 2019, his main YouTube channel became the second-most subscribed in the Spanish language behind Badabun.

JuegaGerman’s constant growth over the years has clinched him a spot amongst the best and most sought after talents in the world.

3. ElRubius

Run by a Spanish-Norwegian YouTube creator, Ruben Doblas Gundersen, this channel focuses on gameplays and vlogs.

ElRubius became the first Spanish YouTube channel to reach 10 million subscribers in 2015.

The creator’s candid style and creative videos has endeared him to many people thus garnering about 38.1 million subscribers.

His global Fortnite events have gotten critical acclaims thereby gathering over 1.1 million live viewers.

This has made him popular in the gaming scene. It seems there’s no stopping for the Spanish YouTuber.

4. Fernanfloo

With an impressive subscription of 37 million, Fernanfloo peaks at number 4 on the list of Top ten YouTube channels for gamers.

The videos are a blend of personal blogs, comedic sketches and gaming videos.

Hailing from El Salvador, Fernanfloo is the number one internet sensation in his country.

The channel has amassed over 7 billion views on 570 videos.

Fernanfloo is the 31st most-subscribed channel on YouTube and fifth most-subscribed amongst Spanish-speaking channels.

5. VEGETTA 777

VEGETTA 777 comes in as number 5 on this list.

The Spanish gamer, Samuel de Luque, has carved a niche for himself in the gaming scene with his RPG (Role Playing Games) videos.

With his unique narrative style, he’s been able to draw in viewers to his channel.

From his love for unicorns to his idiosyncratic ways, Vegetta777 offers unique and high quality content to both English and Spanish viewers.

With a growing audience of 30.4 million, Vegetta 777 is on his way to being the best YouTube gamer.

6. RezendEevil

Culled from the favourite video game ‘Resident Evil‘, this channel focuses on gaming and personal vlogging.

Popular for his videos on popular game Minecraft, Rezende has become a global phenomenon in the gaming community.

His talent and witty sketches has made him rise to prominence.

With 27.4 million subscribers, RezenDeevil is rated amongst the most subscribed gaming channel on YouTube.

7. Markiplier

With about 26.2 million subscribers, Markiplier has made his name known amongst notable YouTube gamers.

As of June 2020, his channel has garnered over 13.4 billion total video views.

Popular for ‘Let’s Play’ gaming videos, the channel features comedy videos and indie and horror games including the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Never-Ending Nightmare, SCP Containment Breach, and Slender.

Founded in 2012, Markiplier’s aim for running the channel was to create sketch comedy where he would be displaying all the characters in the sketches.

This led to naming the channel “Markiplier“, a blend of Mark and multiplier. The channel has grown over the years to be listed on NewMediaRockstars Top 100 Channels.

Markiplier has given rise to another channel called Unus Annus (Latin for “one year”), a channel that plans to upload a single video every day for one year before being deleted along with all of the videos on the channel.

The channel rose to early success, gathering 1 million subscribers in its first 5 days and over 11.5 million video views in its first week.

8. Vanoss Gaming

Known for creating montage style videos of him and other creators playing video games on YouTube, Evan Fong has been recognised as a formidable force in video gaming commentary.

His videos features all genres of popular video games, like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty.

Boasting of about 25.1million subscribers and over 12 billion views, Vanoss Gaming is ranked 32nd on the list of most subscribed channel on YouTube.

9. Jacksepticeye

Renowned for his “Lets Play” series and goofy charm, Seán William McLoughlin is an energetic YouTube commentator and one of the pioneers of the gaming community.

Owning to his funny video ideas and catchy titles, JackSepticEye has managed to keep 24.4 viewers glued to his channel.

The channel is the second most subscribed YouTube channel in Ireland. Jacksepticeye is fast becoming one of the top best gamer on the platform.

10. Ninja

Richard Tyler Belvins also known by his moniker, Ninja became popular for playing, streaming and inventing strategies to win Fortnite.

His goofy energetic personality, incredible impressions and unique content has attracted over 23.9 million viewers to his channel.

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