Top 10 YouTube Channels for Vegetarians 2020

From amazing vegan food inspiration to scrumptious recipe videos to meal preparation guides, food plays an immense role in a vegan’s life. Whether you’re a new or seasoned vegan, you could use some luscious culinary inspiration. Looking for simple, healthy and tasty recipes? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of top ten channels for Vegetarians.


Shine with Plants

It’s rare to come across vegetarian channel by black people. Shine with Plants is an exception. This very informative channel is run by Fabiola. She is passionate about holistic Health & Nutrition is the founder of ShinewithPlants.

She’s French with African roots and this influences her content. Viewers of this channel live for her beautiful young daughter whom she features on the channel and who has been a vegetarian from conception! Shine with plants focuses on natural and mostly raw vegan diet, and some fitness too!

1. Vegan Zombie

Guess the word “zombie” gives you the creeps. The hosts, Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd are probably obsessed with horror movies. Having a zombie theme, Vegan Zombie features vegan cooking videos which opposes the “vegan is too expensive” concern.

With their signature zombie wears, Chris and Jon gives you tips on how to spice up your vegan recipes. Check out their popular clips on breakfast burrito, Philly cheesesteak and recipes for Pizza.

From basil pesto to vegan gyros to vegan meatloaf, this channel is your go-to for fast  and classic vegan recipes.

Besides recipe videos, this channel provides content on travel, shopping on a budget, vegan lifestyle and reviews of vegan products.

2. Vegan Corner

Created by Italian chef, Raoul Chellini, Vegan corner instructs viewers on how to prepare continental vegan dishes like eggplant parmesan, vegan lemon, meringue pie and Italian focaccia.

The cookery YouTube channel treats Its viewers to gourmet dishes which makes every meal a mouth-watering feast.

From simple and savoury traditional recipes to guides on preparing ingredients, Vegan corner gives all kinds of culinary information.

3. Liv B

Olivia believes simple lifestyle changes can have immense effect on people’s health, animals and environment.

This led to the creation of her YouTube channel, Liv B in 2015.

The videos covers plant-based recipes made from budget-friendly ingredients.

For that incredibly mouth-watering and fun meals, Liv B has got you covered.

4. Edgy Veg

Edgy Veg focuses on revolutionising food, eco-conscious living and feminism.

Candice’s edgy nature, disposition and sense of humour has drawn viewers to her channel.

Author of the cookbook, “138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes”, Candace has flooded the Instagram pages with her fair and humerous stand on activism for animals, food, mental health, environment and female empowerment.

5. Happy Healthy Vegan

Run by a plant-based couple, Anji and Ryan, Happy Healthy Vegan covers a wide range of topics including health, fitness, protection of animals and environment.

Ryan uses logic and science to debunk anti-vegan notions propagated by the mass media.

The vlog, What I ate in a day, travel videos and reviews reveals fun ways to live a vegan lifestyle.

Once you binge-watch a video, you will want to watch more.

6. Hot for food

Lauren Toyota is hot for vegan food! On this channel, the host cooks up vegan love by providing tips for creating popular comfort foods like burgers, caesar salad, cheesecake and others.

Her love for vegan food has catapulted her into the mainstream.

Boasting of 471,000 subscribers and 37 million views, Hot for food is fast becoming one of the top best vegan YouTube channel.

7. Sweet potato soul

From unique and tasty vegan recipes to ethical fashion to natural beauty, Sweet potato soul offers quality content that’ll keep you glued to the channel.

For healthy spin on your dishes, subscribe to this awesome vegan all rounder channel.

8. The Happy Pear

Created in 2004 by identical twin chefs, Dave and Steve, The Happy Pear first started as a vegetable shop before evolving into a big brand.

Supplying thousands of Happy pear products to the shores of UK and Ireland, the duo have written 3 best selling cookbooks and run an online course called “The Happy heart”.

For your new favourite recipe or healthy tasty meal, The Happy Pear should be your favourite channel.

9. Avantgarde Vegan

From veganism to sustainability, fitness, mental health, travel, fashion and music, Avantgarde Vegan has managed to reach the milestone of 1 million YouTube subscribers.

With his excellent cooking skill and rapt attention to details, the host, Gaz has shown that he’s quite adept at vegan food combinations and ingredients.

10. Nutrition Facts

Created in 2010, Nutrition facts is the only non-profit, non-commercial, science-based website which gives free daily updates on the most recent nutritional data.

Take a deep dive into a plethora of content ranging from intermittent fasting, blood pressure, hormonal health, single nutrients and diabetes.

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