Top 10 YouTube Channels for Yoga 2020

Yoga, an ancient indian practice is fast becoming everyone’s fitness routine. Yoga isn’t just a form of exercise but a way of life which unites the individual with the spiritual. Studies has shown that people who often do yogi are happier and possess lower stress level. Are you a beginner? Learn the art of Yoga today. Are you an intermediate or advanced yogi? Roll out your mat and let’s go discover some new poses as we go on a Yoga journey. Here’s a list of Youtube channels that will help you re-energise.

1. Yoga with Adriene

Considered as one of the best YouTube channels to learn Yoga, Yoga with Adriene create high quality videos for yoga enthusiasts of all levels.

The channel covers yoga sequences for weight loss, stress and anxiety etc.

Having over 6 million viewers, Adriene has proved that she’s an exceptional Yoga instructor.

I bet you, you’ll enjoy the lessons on poses, alignment tips and have a good laugh while watching the videos.

Looking for the right channel to learn Yoga? Try out her 30 days of Yoga playlist or her 10 to 15 minute practices to kick-start your Yoga journey.

2. Fightmaster Yoga

Having a stressful day? Fightmaster Yoga offers you a relaxing yoga routine which will make you feel good.

This channel is ideal for pregnant women and beginners.

Fightmaster Yoga has a wide array of videos on weight loss, Vingasa yoga, strengthening yoga workouts and others. Regardless of your lifestyle or experience level, there’s something for everybody on this channel.

3. Sarah Beth Yoga

Having over 10 years experience in Yoga, Sarah has shown that she’s quite adept in this art.

She has trained lots of Yoga instructors, yogis and complete beginners.

The trainer aims to bring clarity and balance via modern day yoga and lifestyle management.

She has utilised many platforms like Udemy Online Class, YouTube channel and her App to carry out her mission.

4. Faith Hunter

Also known by the moniker, spiritually fly yogi, Faith Hunter provides meditation videos, yoga lessons and content on lifestyle(hair, beauty, dogs and much more) on her YouTube channel.

Besides physical workout, this channel gives you a soothing flow with soulful quality moments.

In need of a quieter and more reflective state, hit up Faith Hunter’s channel and get prepared to soar through a blissful practice.

5. Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles comes in as number 5 on the list of Top 10 YouTube channels for Yoga.

Tara Stiles is the creator of Strala, an innovative practice of Yoga which incorporates Yoga, Tai Chi and Chinese medication to relieve stress and enables you to easily overcome challenges thrown at you.

Providing guides on couch yoga, restorative yoga and meditation, Tara’s channel helps viewers enliven their soul through yoga.

6. Boho Beautiful

Run by a husband and wife duo, Mark Spicoluk and Juliana Semenova, Boho Beautiful showcases exotic locations where yoga practices are carried out.

From fitness, vegan food, guided meditations to travel hacks, Boho Beautiful is the place to be.

Are you new to Boho Beautiful? There’s a broad range of visual content from Beginner Yoga to intermediate and much more that you’ll find interesting.

7. Yoga with Kassandra

What began as a personal sadhana evolved into a great passion, awesome career and a new way of life hence the birth of Yoga with Kassandra.

This channel has a variety of online classes, tutorials and workshops which caters for your Yoga dreams.

Are you in search of a rejuvenating chill flow? Yoga with Kassandra is the place to visit.

8. Brett Larkin Yoga

Specialising in Yoga and philosophy, Brett Larkin helps you on your Yoga journey.

Her videos are mostly on Vinyasa flow yoga and include content for beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

Brett incorporates yogic practices like Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and meditation in her videos.

Are you busy or you’ve got a lot of free time? BrettLarkinYoga has a lot to offer you. Why don’t you choose a class, pick your mat and join Brett on this journey?

9. Ekhart Yoga

With over 3,500 classes taught in different styles by over 40 world-class teacher, Ekhart Yoga offers virtually all you need to know about Yoga.

Ekhart Yoga aims at impacting positively in people through Yoga and meditation.

Get aboard the channel as there are collections of yoga tutorials and sequences which will help you immensely.


Get your daily dose of yoga lessons on DOYOUYOGA.

Created by a community of certified yoga instructors from around the world, this channel provides a list of daily workouts which aid your Yoga practice.

Are you a beginner? Check out the playlist of How-to videos and be a member of the Beginners class. Love yoga? Join the DOYOUYOGA community on YouTube.

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