20 Best Cars to Buy in Nigeria

Owning a car in Nigeria used to make one appear rich. Well, that is no longer the case as a car has become a necessity. With the number of potential car owners on a rapid increase, it is important to know the best cars to buy in Nigeria.

The choice of the most suitable cars for Nigerians can be made by having a yardstick to judge with. The three most important criteria with which a car can be considered fit to be bought in Nigeria are;

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Availability of qualified mechanics for the product
  • Suitability for Nigerian Roads

The top 20 cars to buy in Nigeria:

Toyota Camry

This car can be used by both the rich and the middle class. As a result of its affordability and fuel efficiency, it is the ideal car for the Nigerian economy. It is both very affordable, durable and easy to maintain.

Unlike a lot of other cars Toyota Camry can be used consistently with its air conditioner on without having a drastic reduction in the volume of fuel.

Honda Accord

Just like Toyota Camry, this is a perfect car for the Nigerian Middle class and the rich. Honda Accord offers a lot for the price it is purchased for. Although not as fuel efficient as the Camry, its spare parts are readily available.

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon is a mini room running on wheels. It is comfortable, structurally rigid and economical with fuel. Toyota Avalon feels very perfect for big individuals that love sedans. This is because of its interior. This car is one of the most fuel efficient cars in its class. Although there are much faster cars in its class, it offers its user a comfortable ride in addition to its roomy interior.

Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza is a mixture of simplicity and comfort. It is a thin line between an SUV and a wagon. It is a perfect car for those not willing to get an SUV at the same time the ideal upgrade from a saloon car. Owing to the fact that the car you drive in Nigeria is a representation of class, Toyota Venza is definitely a good car to get.

Honda Crosstour

Honda Crosstour

Just like Toyota Venza, Honda Cross tour is an upgrade from an Accord but not exactly a sports utility vehicle. Although the Cross tour is a 4 wheel drive, it does not have enough space to be called an SUV. The cross tour is the exact answer to lovers of the accord that want a more roomy vehicle.

Nissan Xterra

The xterra is a perfect vehicle for Nigerian roads. It is structured to provide a bumpy ride that helps you get through pot holes very easily. This SPORTS Utility Vehicle can either have an automatic transmission system or a manual transmission system. As a result of its relatively cheap price, its fuel efficiency and it rigidity, the Xterra is one of the best for Nigerians.

Toyota Highlander

This is the most seen Toyota SUV on Nigerian roads. You do not have to worry about your phone being down if you own a Toyota Highlander because it comes with five USB ports. This means it can serve the function of a car as well as a power source for your phone. With the highlander’s bird’s eye view camera, you can always see objects within the perimeter of your vehicle. This attribute is perfect for driving on Nigerian roads.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

The sienna is the perfect car for large families. It provides a roomy and comfortable means of mobility. It is tagged the “Camry of minivans”. If you have a large family and you do not want to go for a bus, then you should get a Toyota Sienna. Toyota Sienna can be easily maintained.

Range Rover Sports

The range rover sports is a luxury vehicle made for the elite class in Nigeria. It offers lots of first class features. This car probably cost more to maintain than it costs to purchase. However, this car offers a lot of comfort in addition to being very suitable for Nigerian roads

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most affordable cars in Nigeria. It is one of the best cars that can be gotten by a Nigerian that is not after luxury. Although not a very roomy car, the Toyota Corolla is very fuel efficient and easily maintained.

Nissan Murano

This is one of Nissan’s most stylish cars. It is a car that comes with characteristics such as comfort and luxury which are possessed by other SUVs. However, it can be gotten for a much cheaper price. If you are interested in driving an SUV and do not have the means of getting the more popular and expensive ones, a Nissan Murano will be perfect for you.

Toyota 4runner

Toyota 4Runner TRD pro

The Toyota 4runner is perfectly built for Nigerian roads. It well elevated and comes with good shock absorbers for Nigerian roads. This practical car is one of the most rugged SUVs produced by Toyota. In recent times, this car has become more stylish, therefore attracting more buyers

Toyota Prado

This is a perfect blend of class and durability. This car is built to offer the luxury you are interested in in addition to being perfect for Nigerian roads. It is a roomy car which offers enough space for its occupants. It also comes with many safety attributes which can keep its owner in a very safe conditions in case of accidents.

Honda Pilot

This car is very stylish and free from trouble. The Honda Pilot is a four wheel drive vehicle that has modes designed for whatever terrain you find yourself in. It is Honda’s most appealing SUV to Nigerians

Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV 4 is a small SUV that comes with good fuel efficiency. In Nigeria, this car looks better on women. The reason for this is probably because of its size. The Toyota RAv4 can be easily fixed by many mechanics in Nigeria. Therefore owners of this vehicle to not have to worry about how to take care of it

Honda CRV

This trim car is one of Honda’s smallest SUVs. CR-V means compact Recreational Vehicle. As a result of its size, the Honda CR-V is mostly used by women in Nigeria. It is quite an affordable car and is very fuel efficient.

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder 2017

The Nissan Pathfinder has truly lasted the test of time in Nigeria. It is one of the most economical SUVs in the Nigerian market. In addition to being roomy, it is suitable for very bumpy roads.

Infinity FX35

The Infinity FX35 is a sporty SUV. It is a very stylish car. However, due to its stylish architecture, it is not very roomy for a car its size.  If you love to accelerate fast but are not interested in a sedan, Infinity FX35 is the ideal car for you

Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is known for its durability. Although it does not possess a stylish design, it is affordable and easily maintained. This car is perfect for use as a cab

Honda Civic

The Honda civic is a small sedan which can be easily maintained. If you do not have a high income but need a car, you can always go for this.

Although sedans are not exactly perfect for Nigerian roads, they are the most wanted cars because of ease of maintenance. In addition to this these cars do not cost much compared to the value they give.

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