Top 20 Best Paying Jobs in Nigeria

If you fall into the category of Nigerians that are money driven, then the type of job you settle for should be of great concern to you. There are certain jobs in Nigeria that guarantee a financially fulfilling life as far as being an employee in Nigeria is concerned.

This article contains a list of the 20 best paying jobs in Nigeria. With a knowledge of this, you can always choose a job that favors your financial goals

Entertainment Jobs

Entertaining is perhaps the highest paying job in Nigeria. Entertainers in Nigeria earn more than most other Nigerians apart from business owners and entrepreneurs.

Entertainers are known to earn in less than 2 hours what individuals with other jobs earn in a whole year. While other jobs have a fixed price per year or per month, entertainers do not have a fixed income. The income of an entertainer is primarily based on relevance at the time under consideration.

Acting Jobs

Nollywood is the third biggest movie industry in the world just behind Hollywood and Bollywood. It is an industry that is known to release movies in their hundreds annually. This leads to very high returns which translates to a lot of cash for those involved in acting.

Although not every actor enjoys the fortune associated with Nollywood, the top notch actors in this industry always smile to the bank.

Flying Jobs

The job of a Pilot is one of the most prestigious jobs in Nigeria. There is a lot attached to the job of flying a plane. Some of them include the risk involved, the skill level needed, the almost celebrity status and of course the fat pay. Pilots in Nigeria could earn between a N500, 000 and N1.5 million naira monthly. This pay is dependent on the level of the pilot and the airline.

Sailing Jobs

Just like flying a plane, moving a ship is not child’s play. A supposedly minor accident could be fatal. This is one reason sailors earn a lot. The act of sailing a ship is not something that is taught in lots of Nigerian universities. This makes the supply for sailors relatively less than the demand for them.

Legal Profession

The legal profession is one of the noblest professions. While many do not consider it a very lucrative profession, it is one of the most lucrative in Nigeria. At entry level, not much money can be made from practicing law in Nigeria. However, with an increase in knowledge and profile. One is certain to make quite the amount that is considered good enough to make one rich.


The job of a pharmacist is much known to most Nigerians. Lots of individuals get sick every day and have to visit the doctor who ends up sending them to the pharmacist. While some folks believe the job of a pharmacist ends at this, there is much more to the job of a pharmacist.

Pharmacist earn almost as well as doctors and continue having an increase in salary as they get older


This is a job mostly done by women. If you are not interested in taking care of people, then this job is clearly not for you. After medicine and Pharmacy, nursing is the most respected profession in the medical field.

Just some decades ago, there were not many graduate nurses in Nigeria. Well, that is no longer the case as Nigeria universities now award degrees to nurses. At entry level, nurses might not earn very much. However, as they grow in rank and experience their pay increases. This is in addition to the job security associated with this job.

Very senior nurses are known to earn up to N400, 000 per month

Lecturing Jobs

Lecturers are one of the most respected people in our society. Some of the reasons responsible for this are their levels of influence over lots of other professionals and their educational qualification. The beautiful thing about being a lecturer is you can have full time jobs in more than one institutions. Also, this can be coupled with guest appearances. Individuals with other full time jobs can also be part time lecturers.

As lecturers pick up more qualifications, their salaries increase. Some very senior lecturers have a monthly salary of about N600, 000

The Military

The job of a military officer is not one that every average Nigerian is cut out for. There is a lot to this job which the average Nigerian might not be able to handle.

There are different entry levels of military individuals and also different pays for different ranks. The pay for military officers increases as their ranks increase. Something very catchy about this job is your benefits are quite related to your mode of entry into the military.


The job of a media personnel can give one access to mingle with the high and mighty. The media is a lot more powerful than a lot of people can fathom. It is also a very risky job as it involves going into very hostile environments just to cover events.

The salary for individuals working in the media differ a lot. Pay is basically dependent on the firm and skill level of the media personnel.


At entry level, medical practitioners might not be one of the highest paid people in the country. However, as they get advanced and specialize, they smile more to the bank.

In as much as resident doctors are not so highly paid, consultants enjoy a better salary structure and pay. The more relevant a consultant’s area of specialty is, the more money the consultant earns.

Some consultants earn up to N800, 000 monthly

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

Petroleum engineering is a job that is mostly related to top multinational companies which pay with a single structure across many different countries. Most petroleum engineers earn the fattest pay checks at entry level. This trend continues as they get higher in their jobs.

Petroleum engineers of a certain level earn up to N12, 000, 000 per annum

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Chemical engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria at entry level. Most chemical engineers work in multinational firms and are therefore paid very handsomely.

There is a lot of risk involved in this job and this translates into a lot of money.

Chemical engineers in multinational firms earn up to N12, 000, 000 annually.

Electrical Electronic Engineering Jobs

This is a field of engineering that can be practiced in many engineering firms.  However, most electrical engineers that earn high figures work in multinational firms.

The average electrical electronics engineer in multinational firms earns just as much as the petroleum and chemical engineers

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

The job done by a mechanical engineer is needed in about every sector that has something to do with engineering. Just like petroleum and chemical engineering, mechanical engineering graduates are one of the highest earner at entry level. This trend continues as they get better on the job.

Software Engineering

Software engineers are needed in most sectors of the economy. This is most likely due to the advent of the information age. The demand for top quality software engineers appears to be higher than the supply. This phenomenon has put the few qualified software engineers in a position to earn handsome salaries.

Computer Engineering

Over the years, the computer has become a major part of our everyday lives. This has made the demand for computer engineers very high. Computer engineers just like software engineers are needed in every sector of the economy. They are known to receive an annual salary of. This figures increase with an increase in experience.


Accounting is a field that probably pays best in the financial sector. Although most people are quick to associate accounting to banking, accounting is a lot more than that. It is a field that is needed in every sector. At entry level, accountants earn handsomely, this good salary package climbs up the ladder with an increase in skill and experience.


Banking just as the name implies is very strongly associated with banks. It is a field that used to be the highest paying few years ago. Although, it does not pay as much as before, individuals with this job still earn very good salaries which come with many other benefits such as access to loans.


This is one of the few jobs that rewards you very rapidly for your hard work. The more successful you are as a marketer, the more your chances of earning. Marketers earn about N300, 000 for a start. This increases rapidly with time.


Getting a high paying job in Nigeria could be considered a bit of an achievement. However, it takes a lot of hard work and is definitely not a very easy task.

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