Top 20 Interesting Places to Visit in Enugu State Nigeria

Enugu state, also known as the coal city state is one of the five states in south-east Nigeria. This state derives its name from the phrase “Enu Ugwu” which means “hill top”. Enugu state is not just one of the states in Nigeria known for a beautiful and rugged topography, it is also a great place for tourists from all around the world.

Below are the top 20 most interesting places to visit in Enugu

Enugu Museum, GRA

Otherwise known as the National Unity Museum, Enugu museum was established just after the end of the Nigerian Civil war. It is one of the museums under the National commission for museums and monuments. This museum is a place where lots of military artifacts that were made use of during the Nigerian civil war can be found.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Achara

Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium was one of the stadiums that played host to the FIFA under 17 world cup in 2009. It was named after Nigeria’s first president, Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwe and is the home stadium of Rangers FC. If you are a football lover, then your visit to Enugu will be incomplete without a visit to the Nnamdi Azkiwe Stadium.

Cave of Giants, Enugu

Cave of giants is a deep and dark cave. It is a perfect tourist destination for anyone that loves good adventure. If you don’t have the guts for some dangerous play, then this is not a place that you should visit.

Silicon Hill, Nkalogu

Silicon hill is 300 meter above sea level and is one of the highest points in Enugu state. From Silicon hill, you will get to appreciate the wonders of nature. If you are scared of heights, this hill is not a place for you.

Opi Lake Complex, Nsukka

Opi Lake is a combination of seven lakes. These seven lakes are all interconnected and linkup into a network of water bodies. Opi Lake offers a breathtaking sight; one which you will not forget in a haste.

Magic Garden, GRA

Magic Garden is a park in the heart of Enugu. It is a good place to relax with friends and listen to some music. This park features a swimming pool as well as a restaurant.

Akwute-Atakwu Beach,Enugu

Enugu is not a coastal city. As a result of this, it does not offer the ocean life that is obtainable in coastal cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt. If you are visiting Enugu for a short while and will need a beach experience, then, you should visit Akwute- Atakwu as it is the best place for beach loving tourists.

Macdovos, Enugu

Are you visiting Enugu for the first time and in need of a place to get entertained? Then, Macdovos is a place you should consider visiting. Macdovos is situated close to Port Harcourt road and is one place that is sure to provide you with top-notch entertainment when you need it the most. This resort features a swimming pool, a bird cage and a tennis court.

Akpugoeze, Enugu

Akpugoeze is a community in Enugu where monkeys are not eaten, hunted or harmed in whatever way. This community is home to lots of monkey species and also houses the Sciater’s monkey, a rare monkey species that lives only in the south-eastern region of Nigeria.

Enugu Golf Course, Enugu

Enugu golf course is a standard golf course that is situated at 11 Park Avenue, Enugu. This golf course has 18 holes and has played host to both international and local golf tournaments. After a busy day playing golf, you can relax with friends at the bar in this golf club.

Ezeagu Tourist Complex

Ezeagu tourist complex is a perfect place to have a one on one interaction with nature. It features a waterfall, a lake, a warm and cold spring and a cave. Ezeagu Tourist complex is one of the most patronized tourist attractions in Enugu and is open to people of all ages. You can decide to have a picnic with your family and have a nice quiet time with nature.

Milken Hills, Enugu

Are you visiting Enugu for the first time and want to get a nice view of Enugu metropolis without having to drive round town? If yes, then, Milken hills is the perfect spot to achieve that. Milken hills was named after one of the colonial administrators in Enugu and is very rich in coal.

Awhum Cave and Waterfall, Awhum

Awhum cave and waterfall is located in Udi Local Government Area. It is one of te most mysterious tourist attractions in Nigeria and perhaps the most mysterious in Enugu. This waterfall is 30m high and is believed to have healing powers. As a result of this, Awhum cave and waterfalls is both a tourist center as well as a pilgrimage destination for religious people.

Iheneke Lake, Iheneke

Iheneke lake is a perfect place to relax or have a picnic with your family. This lake is a tropical lake and is known to get cool when its rainy season. In addition to the serene environment that this lake is known for, it also offer very beautify sights and is great for instagram perfect pictures.

Polo Amusement Parks, Enugu

If you find yourself in Enugu and are looking for entertainment at its peak, then, Polo Amusement Partk is the ideal destination for you. This park offers comfort and is the right place to unwind after a stressful week.

The Old Government Lodge, Enugu

Are you interested in finding out facts about Nigeria that are not available on the internet? If yes, next time you find yourself in Enugu, take out time to visit the Old Government Lodge. This lodge once housed Nigeria’s first president, late DR. Nnamdi Azikiwe. It contains some of his belongings of which some personal letters are included.

Bona Gallery, Enugu

Bona Gallery is an art gallery that contains lots of paintings, artworks and sculptures that will definitely excite any one that is in love with arts.

Eastern Region Parliamentary Building, Enugu

The Eastern Region Parliamentary Building once served as the seat of power in the eastern region during the first republic. Although this building no longer has the power that it had several years ago, it still remains an important building in the eastern region and the whole of Nigeria.

Ugwueme and Udi Hills, Udi

Virtually every Nigerian is aware of the fact that Enugu is rich in coal deposits. However, not a lot of Nigerians are aware of where exactly coal was mined in Enugu. Well, if you are visiting Enugu and are interested in knowing where coal was mined, you should pay Udi hills a visit. Udi hills houses some of the first coal mines in Nigeria and is also a great site for picnics.

Ani Ozalla Lake,Enugu

Ani Ozalla is both a lake and a shrine. It is situated in Nkanu West Local Government Area and is believed to house crocodiles which served as goddesses in ancient times.

The above named places are not the only tourist attractions in Enugu state. They are, however, some of the many places in Enugu state that are worth visiting.

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