Top 20 Interesting Places to Visit in Port Harcourt State Nigeria

Port Harcourt doubles as the largest city and the Capital of oil-rich Rivers state. Before it was named Port Harcourt by the then Governor of Nigeria, Sir Fredrick Luggard, Port Harcourt served as a port for the exportation of coal from Enugu. Port Harcourt remained an average city economically until the discovery of oil in commercial quantity in Oloibiri in 1958. Since then, Port Harcourt has been one of the richest cities in Nigeria and a city known to house the rich.

There are lots of places to visit in Port Harcourt and you will have to be a resident of this city to actually get to visit all the amazing palces that are scattered around this city. If you are visiting Port Harcourt and will only be around for a short while, we have selected the top 20 interesting places that you should visit.

That said, below are the top 20 places to visit in Port Harcourt.

Ifoko Beach, Elem Ifoko

Ifoko beach is one of the major sources of livelihood of the residents of Ifoko community. As a result of this, it is never short of seafood. This beach is a famous spot for people to hang out in Port Harcourt. It is completely natural and is properly maintained by the indigenes of Ifoko community.

Garden City Amusement Park, GRA Phase 1

Garden city amusement park is one of the spots in Port Harcourt that is perfect for people of all ages to hang out. It is located at GRA phase 1 and has lots of features that will make your day truly funfilled

Blue Elephant, King Porekule Road

Blue Elephant is a restaurant in Port Harcourt that is known for some of the best sandwiches that this city has to offer. If taking sandwiches is your thing, then you just have to find your way to this restaurant.

Asian Town, Old GRA

Just as its name suggests, Asian town is a place to get some of the best Chinese cuisines in Port Harcourt city. It is located at 24 Force Avenue, Old GRA Port- Harcourt.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, Bori Camp

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is located just after Bori camp. There are quite a number of activities that you can engage in in Port Harcourt Pleasure camp. Some of the fun activities in this place include tower climbing , strolls, etc.

Eddy’s Wine Bar, GRA

Your stay in Port Harcourt will be incomplete without a visit to Eddy’s wine bar. This bar is arguably the most patronized bar in Port Harcourt and is located in the GRA. This bar is one of the best places to meet with Nigerian celebrities as they come around every now and then.

Isaac Boro Garden Park, Old GRA

Located at Old GRA in Port Harcourt, Isaac Boro Garden Park is one of the most sought after outdoor recreational areas in Port Harcourt. It is named after Isaac Boro, a former minority rights activist in Nigeria. He was known for fighting against the exploitation of oil from the Niger Delta. If you need to have fun with friends away from home, then you should visit Isaac Boro Garden Park.

Port Harcourt City Mall, Azikiwe Road

Located at no 1 Azikiwe Road, Port Harcourt City Mall is one of the relatively new entertainment hubs in the city of Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt city mall is one of the few places in Port Harcourt that was built to meet your many entertainment needs all at once. This mall boasts of a cinema, a food court, a shopping complex.

Rivers State Museum, Secretariat Complex

The Rivers State Museum is located in secretariat complex of Rivers state. This museum houses some very important artifacts that can help you understand the culture of the people of Rivers state. Although the Rivers state museum is not a big one, it is one of the places in Rivers state that you should visit to see artifacts belonging to the many ethnics groups of Rivers state.

Rivers State Cultural Center, Bonny Street, Port Harcourt

The Rivers state cultural center is not a museum, this, notwithstanding, it is a place to visit if you want to get to know about the culture of the people of Rivers state. This place is rich in artifacts and  contains lots of exhibits which have been in existence long before the city of Port Harcourt was founded.

Port Harcourt Golf Club, Old GRA

The  Port Harcourt golf club is an 18 hole golf club that was set up in 1928. It is located in Old GRA and is open to members of the public. It is definitely the best place to visit for golfers that are visiting Port Harcourt for the first time. Also, you do not have to be a golfer to visit this golf club as there are some other facilities in the club that will be of interest to non-golfers. Some of these facilities include a swimming pool, a table tennis hall, a restaurant,etc.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach, GRA Phase 2

Port Harcourt Tourist beach is perhaps the oldest tourist attraction in Port Harcourt city. It has been a centre of relaxation for both residents of Port Harcourt as well as tourists since 1988. Apart from the fact  that you get to enjoy a nice view of the water, you can also have some good local meal and fresh palm wine.

Port Harcourt Zoo, Trans Amadi

Port Harcourt zoo is located about 23km from the Port Harcourt international airport. It was established in 1975  and houses some of the most exotic animals in the wild. Port Harcourt zoo is usually very busy during weekends. Although Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days in this zoo, you will definitely have better stories to tell if you visit this zoo on Sundays. Reason being; animals in this zoo are usually fed on Sundays

Yakubu Gowon Stadium, Elekahia

Yakubu Gowon statdium, formerly known as Liberation stadium is one of the stadiums in the city of Port Harcourt. It is located in Elekahia suburb of Port Harcourt and is the home stadium of Rivers United, formerly known as dolphins F.C.

Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium, Omagwa

Adokiye Amiesimaka stadium is located in Omagwa, Port Harcourt. It was built in 2015 and has a capacity of 38,000. This stadium is a modern and standard stadium. It stands out from a lot of the older stadiums in Nigeria. Some of its features are a hockey pitch, 25 emergency exits and a shooting range.

Bole King, Woji

If you visit Port Harcourt for the first time and leave without getting to taste Bole and fish, the your visit is considered incomplete. This is one reason you should pay a visit to Bole King next time you visit Port Harcourt. Bole King has succeeded in making bole and plantain; a meal that before now could only be gotten at the road side an ideal meal for people of class.

Piazza, Rurome-Rezigbu

Piazza shouldn’t be mistaken for Pizza. Although pizza is one thing that is obtainable in this restaurant, it is just a glimpse of what this restaurant really has to offer. Piazza is one of the places to eat out in Port Harcourt city. It features a bar as well as a swimming pool. If you are looking for a place to get Italian dishes, then Piazza is the ideal place.

Charcoal and Spice, GRA Phase 2

From the name “charcoal and spice”, you should have an idea of what this place is like. Charcoal and spice is the no 1 barbecue joint in Port Harcourt. This, therefore, makes it one of the places that is worth your attention if you are in for some great tasting barbecue.

Mile One Market, Diobu

Mile one market is not on the list of the most beautiful places in Port Harcourt. It also will not make it to that list any time soon. That notwithstanding, you can’t have a complete experience in Port Harcourt without visiting this market. Mile one market is located in Diobu and is one of the largest open markets in Nigeria.

Bonny Island, Bonny

Technically, Bonny Island is not part of Port Harcourt city. However, it is one of the places that you should visit next time you are in Port Harcourt. This island boasts of beautiful beaches and is just 30 minutes from Port Harcourt by ferry.

There are a lot of other interesting places to visit in Port Harcourt. However, if your stay in Port Harcourt is very short, then, make it a memorable one by visiting some of the above named places.

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