The Ultimate List of Top 50 Nigerian Blogs

When we talk of blogging in Nigeria, one name always comes to mind, Linda Ikeji, with her success Nigerian Youths have begun to see blogging as an avenue to make money. However, there are still some people who blog just for the fun of it or as a hobby.

If you love to read great content or draw inspiration for blogging from the top Nigerian blogs here’s a little help. In this article, I’ll be bringing you a list of the topmost blogs in Nigeria in 2017. The list is compiled by using Alexa rankings, page views per day, influence, and brand strength and last but not the least, word on the street.

Here’s are the Top 50 Blogs in Nigeria from Top to Bottom

Every young Nigerian knows Nairaland, and also every other blogger. It’s a forum for everything, from breaking news to romance to lifestyle and even jobs, just name it. A lot of bloggers owe a large chunk of their traffic to Nairaland. According to Alexa’s recent rankings Nairaland is the top dog in the Nigerian web space.  Well done Seun Osewa.  Alexa ranking Nigeria is number 6.

This blog belongs to the Vanguard, a Nigerian daily Newspaper. Vanguardngr is the online version of the vanguard. It covers sports, politics and all other things Newspapers cover.  Alexa ranking Nigeria is 7.

This is the online version of the punch newspaper. The Punch is the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria. There’s not much more to be said here. Alexa ranking Nigeria is 13.

If you want the latest news update, this is the place to visit. They provide content for lifestyle, sports, jobs e.t.c .  They always have space for guest bloggers and freelance writers. Nigeria Alexa Ranking is 19.

With over 120 million page views a month, these guys are giving all other bloggers a run for their money. It’s the number one site for downloading fresh Nigerian music and hot videos as they drop. It’s also a go to blog for entertainment gist, and many other fun things. Nigeria Alexa ranking is 21 but they are no 5 on our list.

Coming in at number 6 is the blog of the most popular blogger in Nigeria. Miss Ikeji needs no introduction as long as the Nigerian Blogsphere is concerned. Not too long ago she was said to have bought a house worth over 500million naira in Banana Island from blogging money. Whether this is true or not, she is one of the most successful Nigerian bloggers. LindaIkeji carries celeb gossips, breaking news, fashion and lifestyle content. Nigeria Alexa Ranking is 28.

Yabaleft, very funny name and catchy too, if you stay in Lagos you probably know what Yabaleft literarily means. They focus mainly on news and entertainment.  Nigeria Alexa ranking is 44.

This is home for entertainment; this is a blog for downloading the freshest and hottest Naija tunes and videos. Here you also get entertainment news, and you can also upload your songs. Nigeria Alexa ranking is 29.

As the name implies, they post daily. This is majorly a media site, for breaking news and a whole lot of other information. Nigeria Alexa ranking is 30

This blog is run by the nation newspaper, on this blog you can find breaking news, news of politics, business, e.t.c. it is an online extension of the nation newspaper. Nigeria Alexa ranking is 37.

If you use opera mini, you must have seen this blog on your homepage. They are exactly what their name implies; they provide information ranging from very serious and useful to the downright inconsequential. Sports, politics, education, entertainment news and some very careless gist, this is their forte. According to Alexa they are no 49 in the Nigerian blogsphere., this phrase is very popular in Nigerian music. You hear it a lot of times in music downloaded from the internet. And surprisingly in music played over the radio, free advert right? Needless to say they are a go to platform for downloading Naija music. You can also get entertainment news on the Nigeria Alexa ranking is 51.

This is a lifestyle blog owned by Uche Pedro. It is a blog mainly centered on lifestyle, women fashion and reporting of social events. BN also reports news and gossip. The blog appeals mostly to the female folk.  Nigeria Alexa ranking is 60

This blog gives you everything, from relationship tips to news to motivational talks. You also get the latest news on, Nigeria Alexa ranking is 64.

This is basically the online version of the Premium Times newspaper, all that you see on the newspaper, you can see on this blog and more. They are reputed for top notch journalism; this is a site you can trust.   Nigeria Alexa ranking is 78.

They need no introduction; this is the blog of this media outlet. Sahara reporters are either loved or hated. This is because they say the news as it is, no sacred cows. This is what you get on this blog; unadulterated news. Nigeria Alexa ranking is 84.

This blog is owned by Noble Igwe, a celebrity and fashionista. The blog is an entertainment and lifestyle based blog. Their content include fashion tips, music literature and of course news. It is ranked 109 among Nigerian sites by Alexa

The Guardian newspaper is a very popular on Nigerian newsstands, this is the online version.

Nigeria Alexa ranking 118.

This is a newspaper for the old and also the Elite also. is the online version of Thisday Newspapers. They focus majorly on politics and business news; they also have a reputation for breaking big stories. Alexa ranking is 169.

As far as breaking news is concerned, they are considered among the best in Nigeria. And the veracity of their content is something some readers swear by.  They are ranked 193 by Alexa amongst other Nigerian online platforms

They need no introduction; this is the online platform of the Sun newspaper. They come in at 201 in Alexa rankings.

This blog makes the top 25 of our rankings; they are the most popular tech blog in Nigeria for now. App reviews, gadget reviews and many other great things on tech. If you are a tech geek, then this site might become your friend. Alexa Ranking is 252

Ijeoma blogs about everything, from gossip to politics to entertainment gist and all other news that women live for. Her Alexa rating in Nigeria is 257

We all remember the phrase “my oga at the top” and “ww.nscdc. thaz all” It was Channels, they are taking a great advantage of technology. For me they are the Nigerian CNN, and they’ve been best television station of the year for about 11 years running. This is their online platform. Number 295 is there Alexa rating in Nigerian

They always deliver some of the hottest entertainment gist. That’s what they are about, entertainment and lifestyle. They have a cool name though, with their ultra cool name, I expected them to be at least in the top 20, the 25th spot is not so bad though. But then again this niche is overcrowded. Alexa ranks them at 338 amongst Nigerian Sites.

Olufamous is famous enough to make our top 30, on our list of top Nigerian blogs.”Entertainment, Lifestyle, politricks and social issues” this is what you get when you visit Alexa ranking is 366.

Her surname is a tongue twister, but she is very direct and straight forward in her writing. If it happened in Nigeria Mrs Dimokokorkus will talk about it. She talks gossip, news, entertainment gist and everything in between. Nigeria Alexa ranking 376.

They talk technology, business and news, as it concerns the African continent, all with a tech twist. To know the latest advancement in tech on the African continent, check them out. Alexa ranking 388

This is an online newspaper for the Nigerian youth. “Focused on the issues and ideas that matter for an evolving generation” Ynaija. Alexa Ranking is 399

This is a platform for downloading the latest naija songs, they also have entertainment gist. There Alexa ranking is 404.

Stargist gives you gist on your most popular stars. If a star has been in the news recently, stargist will most likely have something to say about it. They make no 31 on our top 50 Nigerian blogs, and 489 on Alexa ranking.

This is an online newspaper; they don’t have a paper version. They offer news in business, politics, and entertainment and of course columns. Alexa Ranking is 493.

They are a Nigerian entertainment news platform. Here one can download the latest songs of Nigerian artistes, both audio and videos. Alexa ranking is 529

Net (theNetng) is a 360 degrees media company, relying on past, present and future platforms to deliver accurate and up-to-the-minute news, entertainment and information to audiences wherever they are. Their Alexa rating in Nigeria is 539

“News, exclusives, relationships, everything you need to know and yes the word of God”. That’s what Ladun says this blog delivers. Alexa ranking is 756

If you want to be in the know about the latest happenings in the world of fashion and entertainment, and of course news, then check out this blog. They come in at no 799 on Alexa ranking and no 36 on our top 50 Nigerian blogs.

This is the online version of Business Day newspaper. Alexa ranking is 802.

Ogbonge blog is owned by Jide Ogunsanya. This is a special kind of tech blog; they provide majorly tutorials and tips on tech matters Alexa ranking is 923.

This blog is an online news portal. From politics to business and entertainment, they have it. 948 is there Alexa ranking.

Wealthresult is almost like Quora, here you ask your questions and it is answered by other visitors also. The difference here is that the questions are only business related. There are not many platforms in this niche. Great thinking by whoever came up with this idea. Alexa ranking is 953

Coming in at no 41 in our top 50 ranking, this blog offers downloads for latest Nigerian music, browsing cheats (does anybody still use that) and of course entertainment gists. Alexa Ranking is 1,051

On this platform you can download new music, new videos, even albums are up for downloads. There Alexa rating is 1,218

She loves God and weddings and that’s what she blogs about. She also talks contemporary style news celebrity gist and movies. I don’t know any Nigerian blog that talks movies. So this is cool. Alexa Rating is 1297.

They are a lifestyle platform; here you get all categories of news, celebrity gist and some witty musings. Alexa rating is 1311.

Tosin Ajibade owns this blog; its content includes entertainment, fashion and travel. Nigeria Alexa ranking is 1,443

Owned by Japheth Omojuwa, this is majorly a news blog. For political talks and ranting come to this blog. Alexa Rank 1,449.

There’s not much to be said about them only that they come in at 4th place from bottom. And let me sound a note of warning about this blog (I owe it to you my readers) never visit this site while you are in BRT or in a Danfo bus. Do not visit while you are at your mother’s church and the sermon is boring, because… hmm you’ll Lol, Lmao, Lmfao and then Rotfl. Imagine you laughing so hard all alone in public. The blog is humorous and witty, consisting of mostly funny Nigerian memes. Alexa rates them at 1768 amongst Nigerian sites.

If you are foodie like me, then you’ll love this blog, the name speaks for itself. They are the 2007th site in Nigeria according to Alexa rankings.

The owner of this blog is anonymous, and that is because she chooses to be so. She has passed on a lot of opportunities for money and fame. She has her reasons though; it’s all on her blog. NSG release a book late last year about the life of a Nigerian Single Girl, she still did that anonymously. The book is doing well in literal circles though. Her wit and humour are without compare; needless to say Nsg is one of my favourite blogs. I expected her to be higher in rankings though. She comes in at no 2,459 on Nigeria Alexa rankings.

Coming in at number 50 is techloy, it’s a blog concerned with tech matters as it relates to big businesses and start ups, especially on the African continent. They also do app and gadget reviews. Their Alexa ranking is 2842.

So here we have it, the top 50 blogs in Nigeria as at now. Of course these rankings are not fixed; in fact they are very fluid. And the Alexa rankings are only for Nigerian websites, of course most Nigerian websites don’t do so well outside the country. Maybe because they are among the slowest sites to load who is to say? We hope you find these rankings helpful.

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    Nice list but there are many sites here that are not blogs. Nairaland and channelstv for example are not blogs.


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