Top Ten Most Expensive Transfer Fees of All Time

When Willie Groves was transferred for over £100 in 1893, it was said to be a very exorbitant amount. However, over a hundred years later, the highest transfer fees in the world are no longer in hundreds but hundreds of millions of Pounds. As clubs earn more money, and football becomes more lucrative, clubs are able to afford to pay increasingly higher sums of money for great players. One can’t help but wonder if these transfer fees will keep on rising. Imagine what these fees will be in another hundred years if the world doesn’t come to an end by then. We’ll be seeing the top ten most expensive transfer fees of All Time.

Neymar – Barcelona to PSG for £198 Million in 2017

At the moment Brazilian ace-man holds the record for the highest signing fee ever in the world of the beautiful sport. Neymar is without a doubt one of the best footballers in the world, but throughout his time in Barcelona, he was in Messi’s shadow. I think leaving Barcelona for PSG will give him a shot at the Ballon‘d’Or title. Neymar is injured at the moment; he’ll be likely out for the rest of the season. Anyway, Neymar’s problem would be majorly getting fit so that he can fully take part in Brazil’s world cup squad. There have been rumours that Real Madrid would want to acquire the talisman for Ronaldo’s replacement. It is also very possible he could break his own transfer record if this deal comes to fruition anytime soon.

Kylian Mbappe – Monaco to PSG for €180 Million in 2018

French man, Kylian Mbappe was a teenager at the time this transfer was effected, making his transfer a record for a teenager. His transfer fee is the highest for 2018 and also next best to PSG talisman Neymar. PSG have been involved in the two most expensive football transfers. This transfer business actually started in 2017, but due to UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, the move had to start as a loan. In 2018 though the move was completed with €180 million being paid, his contract is expected to run until June 2022.

Phillipe Coutinho – Liverpool to Barcelona for £142 Million in 2017

Brazil has always produced world class players and will continue to produce. Every once in a while, this South American nation has a player being signed for world record prices. The only signing in 2017 and before which eclipse Coutinho was his country man’s 222 million Euros. Klopp did everything to keep Coutinho but to no avail. In the end, he went to Barcelona in a deal worth 142 million £.  Coutinho’s vision, speed and creativity will be a huge plus to Barcelona.

Dembele Ousman – Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona £97 Million in 2017

At the moment there are speculations of Dembele going to Arsenal. When Dembele made the move from Dortmund to Spain, it cost Barcelona 105 million Euros. Barcelona is used to making big signings every now and then. As for Arsenal though, this deal will most likely not pull through, Arsene Wenger is not one to spend so much on a player. Dembele and Aubumayang made a terrific strike partnership at Dortmund. How the 20-year-old winger will fit into Barcelona with so many striking options is yet to be seen though.

Paul Pogba – Juventus to Manchester £89 Million in 2016

If those in charge had known they’d be buying back Pogba for 105 million Euros, four years after letting him go for free, am sure they’ll have kept him somehow.  Pogba’s leaving United must have helped in his development as a player. However, he’s not had a great time in Manchester United, especially under Jose Mourinho. Deschamps also complained about his Pogba not getting enough play time at Old Trafford. Pogba has not brought good ROI. Then again it may have to do with the position where Mourinho plays him in. Perhaps if he gets a freer role, where he’s free to attack at will, then there might be an improvement.

Gareth Bale -Tottenham to Real Madrid £85 Million in 2013

The big man was on fire in Tottenham, he came from being a defender to becoming a surefire attacker. Real Madrid noticed him and in 2013 he was bought for a record-breaking fee of 100 million Euros. He’s an integral part of Madrid’s attack formation forming “BBC” with Benzema and Ronaldo. He and Benzema are part of the reason’s Ronaldo still scores so many goals. He’s going actually eclipsed him in Ronaldo’s shadows, but what can a man do. He’s a great player in his own right, and he shouldn’t be compared to C.Ronaldo, it’s not fair.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester to Real Madrid for €94 Million in 2009

In 2009 at the age of 24 C.Ronaldo was signed to Real Madrid for a record 94 million Euros, now that’s a huge sum of money. It was by far the biggest signing of 2009. 9 years down the line, has it been worth it, every penny I’d say. In The most beautiful thing about this is that Ronaldo is still scoring goals. Even as he approaches his mid-thirties he’s still a goal-scoring machine. He’s won all titles, both individual and team that can be won by an European team member. He’s also five-time Ballon‘d’ Or winner. So yes that amount of cash paid was worth it. C.Ronaldo has been rumoured with a move back to Old Trafford, it is left to be seen though.

Gonzalo Higuain – Napoli to Juventus £75.3 Million in 2016

A lot of people say this guy signing fee was overpriced. We won’t blame Juve though for breaking bank to sign the Argentine. He was on fire throughout the 2015-2016 season. He helped Napoli win the Serie A title. In 35 Serie A matches, he scored 36 goals that indeed was a feat. It means that he scored a goal for every Serie A match he played and even added one more. Gonzalo Higuain was transferred for 90 million Euros and at that time, the transfer fee broke the record for a South American. And was also the highest transfer fee for an Italian club. Higuain has done well in Juventus and keeps on doing well.

Lukaku Romelu Everton to Manchester United £75 Million in 2017

In the summer of 2017, Romelu moved from Goodison Park to Old Trafford for a fee of 85 million Euros and he also got the no. 9 Jersey. If you ask me though, I don’t think he’s lived up to expectations. There’s still more time though for the aceman to recreate his great time at Everton. We can’t exactly say he’s a waste though; it’s still too early for that.

Virgil Van Dijk – Southampton to Liverpool £75Million in 2018

It’s quite normal to pay exorbitant amounts of money for attacking players. The case is however very different for defenders. So it came as a surprise when Klopp decided to spend 85 million Euros. Liverpool has been lacking in the defensive area, so for them to break bank in buying Djik, they must have needed him. This is a no doubt a world record transfer fee for a defender. And a lot will be expected from this signing.



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