Top Ten Richest Bloggers in Nigeria

The internet has become a huge market place in the last few years. And varying business models have taken off based on this fact. One of them is blogging, nowadays everyone seems to have a blog. Many bloggers are getting broke and leaving blogging to do other things mainly because they don’t have the patience to see it through.

A few bloggers however have actually made it big, from blogging.  If you are interested in blogging, learn all you can then, who knows you may be the next Linda Ikeji. Our metrics for calculating this is very simple, basically we check the worth of the blog on SiteWorthTraffic, how much the blog makes form adverts and Google ad sense. And if there are other sources of incomes the person has, we also check the worth of it. However, since we’re majorly looking at money made from blogging, our focus is on blog worth and blog income. You should know that the most influential bloggers in Nigeria are not necessarily the richest.

Without further ado, here are the richest bloggers in Nigeria and their net worth.

Richest Bloggers in Nigeria

Linda Ikeji-

You just have to get used to this lady’s name whenever the name of top bloggers come up. She wasn’t actually the first blogger in Nigeria, but she popularized it. And it has shown in her finances, she once bought her parents two houses together worth N300 million, and she bought herself a N600,000 million house on Banana Island. A lot of people say blogging cannot earn one such amount of money. The blog actually does earn her as much as she spends.

As at 2012, her blog was worth, over $1million, that was 5 years ago and now it is worth over $10million. From our findings at iDonsabi, makes N19.5milllion monthly on direct adverts and N39.6milllion monthly on Adsense. If you do the maths, she earns over $59 million monthly. Moreover, this is a very conservative figure. Her blog as at 2015 was worth $10million. And her net worth is N3.2 billion. This makes her the first billionaire blogger in Africa, and also the richest blogger in Africa. After now they will say, “can anything good come out of Nigeria”? I guess you can answer that question yourself. She blogs at

Uche Eze Pedro-

She started the first popular blog is Nigeria. Uche Pedro is an inspiration to Linda Ikeji, and it was because of her that Miss Ikeji started blogging. You see why we should be careful what we do, because you don’t know who will learn from you and even become more successful at it. I wonder if these our thieving politicians know or care about what example they are laying for the upcoming generation. In Linda Ikeji is a bigger Uche Pedro, I wonder who will be a bigger Shekau and a bigger Tinubu. Uche Pedro runs BellaNaija a lifestyle and fashion blog, the blog has also graduated to a full media outlet.  She is married to Bode Pedro, the son of Lagos State former deputy governor, Femi Pedro. That’s what being rich and successful does for you, you get to roll with the high and mighty, and who know you could marry an old money. She’s worth over N2billion.


This name is not very popular, but I know you know This is like the biggest music portal in Nigeria. On this portal, one can download trending music videos and audios, from Nigeria and all around the world.  It receives over 1million views per month from 183 countries, who ever owns this blog should be making some good money from advert.  And it has won best blog in Nigeria, more than 3 times.  Ovie Ofugara is the cofounder and head of content at, as far as music in Nigeria is concerned he is very influential. He also doubles as one of the editors at He has a net worth of N800million.


He is the CEO and founder of 360Nobs is an entertainment and lifestyle blog. This blogs content includes music and literature. Noble Igwe apart from being one of the top ten influential bloggers in Nigeria, is also a fashionista. Nobs has multiple streams of income, and has upgraded 360Nobs into a full media outlet. Noble Igwe has a net worth of over close to N945million.


Jide ogunsanya is an award winning blogger and digital marketer. is a tutorial blog, where Jide writes tech related articles. Ogbongeblog contains all things tech, check it out to learn more. He has a net worth of over N21million


This blog is owned by another Uche Pedro protégé, Ladun Liadi. Basically you get all form of news from this blog site. If you love to be entertained, this blog is a good one to visit. He net worth is somewhere around N8million.


Labusi is a celebrated freelance writer, he has written for Forbes and many other top magazines in the world. His blog is a go to source for those seeking to become successful freelancers. Writersincharge also offers master class for writers. He is worth over N1.6million.

These are some of the richest bloggers in Nigeria. If you think blogging doesn’t pay, then think again. These men and women are witnesses to the fact that blogging pays.

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