Traffic Thief jumps into Lagos lagoon after snatching phone in traffic [Video]

A Lagos traffic thief jumped into the Lagos lagoon after he snatched a phone in traffic.

The thief who could not swim was almost at verge of drowning when some good Samaritans came to his rescue and pulled him out of the lagoon.

A Facebook user identified as Abeke Mabawonku corroborated the story and also shared a video of the incident on his Facebook page.

Abeke Mabawonku wrote:

Suspected thief who could not swim, jumped into the Lagos lagoon after snatching a phone from a passenger in traffic this afternoon ….He was rescued and the phone was recovered from him

It was reported that after the thief landed in the Lagoon he cried out for help before passersby came to his rescue. They also retrieved the phone he had stolen.

The unrepentant thief feeling quite ashamed asked that he be thrown back into the Lagoon but his rescuers declined his request and handed him over to the police who took him away.

Watch the video of the incident below:


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