Transparency International: People In Buhari’s Gov’t Came to Steal And Violate Human Rights – Adeyanju

Human rights activists, Deji Adeyanju has said that the recent report on the Corruption index released by Transparency International (TI) has confirmed his claim since 201.

The international released the latest ranking yesterday with Nigeria dropping two places.

Adeyanju has been claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is not been fighting corruption has claimed said the report has vindicated him.

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The president’s election manifesto has been on three grounds; fighting corruption, stabilising the economy and fighting insecurity.

But the government is still facing challenges on insecurity with Boko Haram recently killing the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Adamawa chapter after asking for a ransom of N500m.

On corruption, many have accused the government of nepotism on the fight against corruption, alleging they are selective on who to prosecute.

On the economy front, the Nigeria economy is till unstable as it tries to find its footing.

In his reaction to the latest ranking, Adeyanju, a fiery critic of the government took to his Twitter page and wrote: “The Transparency International ranking of Buhari’s Govt as extremely corrupt has confirmed all we have said since 2015. They only came to steal, destroy, jail critics & violate rights of citizens.”

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