Full List of Tribes in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria

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Akwa Ibom is one of the 36 states in Nigeria. It is located in the coastal southern part of Nigeria and lies between latitudes 4°32′N and 5°33′N, and longitudes 7°25′E and 8°25′E.

Akwa Ibom is located is bordered on the east by Cross River State, on the west by Rivers State and Abia State, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and the southernmost tip of Cross River State. (Wikipedia)

Tribes in Akwa Ibom

Anang Tribe

The Anang tribe is one of the dominant tribes in Akwa ibom state, southeast Nigeria. The Anang people can be found in 8 local government areas, namely: Abak, Essien Udim, Etim Ekpo, Ika, Ikot Epene, Obot Akwara, Oruk Anam and Ukanafun and are the second largest tribe in Akwa-Ibom state. Members of this tribe are not only found in Nigeria, they can be found in parts of Cameroon.

The Anang people are known for both their trading and spiritual abilities. As a result of lots of inter-tribal wars that this people went through in pre-colonial days, charms are highly relied upon by the Anang people. This people are also popular nation wide for their cooking ability which seems to be hereditary.

The ibibio language is the major form of communication in this predominantly Christian tribe. The Anang people are majorly farmers and feed on afang soup.

One practice among the Anang people that is worthy of notice is the practice of locking up soon to be brides in a room called “the Fattening room”. In this room, young girls are fed heavily and are made to add weight. It is believed that this process prepares them for womanhood.

Andoni Tribe

The Andoni people are found in Akwa Ibom and Rivers state. They are closely related to the Ijaw of the Niger delta. The language of the andoni people is a combination of Efik, Ibibio, and oron and ijaw dialects. It is called “Obolo”. In Akwa ibom, the andoni people are found in Ibeno-Eket and Oron. They are very fierce warriors and and mainly fishermen.

This people are predominantly Christians and are known for their war dances. Andoni men wear shirts and tie heavy and expensive wrappers while the women tye wrappers on blouses. Usually a woman’s dressing is not perfect until she has a head gear.

Okobo Tribe

Okobo is both a tribe and a local government area in Akwa-Ibom state, Southeast Nigeria. The Okobo people occupy Odu and Eta districts of Okobo local government area, they also have a rich cultural heritage, and this is displayed in their traditional dance and masquades known as “Ekpe”. The Okobo tribe is also rich in Mahogany, as a result of this, boat and canoe making is one of their foremeost occupations.

Christianity is the basic religion of the Okobo tribe while farming is the major source of livelihood. Men from Okobo tie wrappers on white singlet while women tie wrappers on blouses and also cover their heads with scarfs.

Afang soup is a major meal that the Okobo people eat.

Oron Tribe

The Oron tribe is the third largest tribe in Akwa-Ibom. The Oron people are found in Oron town and occupy five local government areas in Akwa-Ibom state. Although people of Oron understand Efik, they speak a dialect called Oron.

The Oron people occupy a fertile land and are are majorly into farming. Most of them practice Christianity, however, a few are traditionalists.

Men from Oron tie wrappers on singlet and sometimes shirts while their women tie wrappers on blouses and cover their heads with head gears. Afang soup is a regular on the table of an average Oron indigene.

Ibiobio Tribe

The Ibiobio people are very closely related to the Annang people. They have very similar traditions with the Anang and also speak different dialects of the same language.

There are over 4 million Ibiobios in Nigeria and most of them are Christians. Farming and trading are the major occupations of this people.

Ibeno Tribe

The Ibeno people of Akwa-Ibom state are located very close to the Kwa Ibo River. This tribe is the biggest fishing tribe in Akwa-Ibom state. This people speak a dialect of the Ibiobio-Efik language and are majorly Christians.

Apart from fishing, the Ibeno people also engage in farming and trading. This people are known for their numerous festivals and their very delicious meals.

Eket Tribe

This tribe is a sub-tribe under the Ibibio tribe. The people of this tribe number about 1 million people and are known for their Ekpo festivals.

Christianity is the major religion of this tribe while farming and trading are their major occupations. Eket men tie wrappers on singlets while their women tie wrappers on blouse and cover their heads occasionally.

There you have it! The tribes in Akwa-ibom state. Are you from any of these tribes? Let us know more about your tribe in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Full List of Tribes in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria

  • April 2, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    There are 10 LGAs in annang land

  • September 26, 2020 at 3:57 am

    Yes I am from one of this lag which is Ekot Epene of the Anangs tribe

    • November 30, 2021 at 9:42 am

      I’m from Mbo LGA of Akwa-ibom State,I will say you try with the survey work however the best or number one traditional meal or food of oron is Iwe-ekpang (made from cassava wrap with blanch plantain leaves)and Ottong soup (made with okro fruit and brown tiny beans)
      All over the state it is agreed that oron people are best in cooking not annang however annang are good but oron are best and their major source of livelihood are petty farming and more of fishing and trading.

  • November 2, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    @ Michael, pls can you name the 10 local government of the Annang tribe?

  • November 30, 2021 at 10:16 am

    I’m from Mbo LGA of Akwa-ibom State,I really commend your survey work, however the best or number one traditional meal or food of oron is Iwe-ekpañ (made from cassava, wrapped with blanch plantain leaves)and Ọttọñ soup (made with okro fruit and brown tiny beans) Afang soup is just and addition just as other good soup such as seafood okro, Abak, (Known as Banga soup)Editan soup,Atama soup and ọtọtọ(popularly known as ekpañ nkukwo)
    All over the state it is agreed that oron people are best in cooking not annang however annang are good but oron are the best and their major source of livelihood are petty farming and more of fishing and trading.
    Furthermore oron people also have a festival called Ekpo Ababa which is considered to be the most valiant festival in the history of the state, still during this festival there is always a serious traffic cause by it due to the time of the celebration,it always commence on December 26 and 27 to January 1 and 2.
    By this time nearly all the oronian and invitees will journey to their homeland to witness this momentous festival hence bringing large crowd together to celebrate this festival.

  • March 16, 2022 at 11:42 am

    Okobo is not a Tribe in Akwa-Ibom. They are from the Oro Nation like their other Oro brothers in the 5 Oro speaking LGA’s of Akwa-Ibom State (Oron, Okobo, Urue-Ofong Oruko, Mbo & Udung Uko) Their language is Okobo; It is a dialect of Oro. Just as the Ijebus are Yoruba and are not referred to as a distinct Tribe in Yoruba Nation. the traditional meal that is very distinct of the Oro people is the Iwe-Ekpang and Otong Soup.


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