List of Tribes in Imo State Nigeria

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Imo state is one of the oldest states in the south-east region of Nigeria. It was created in 1976 and is made up of three senatorial districts. Imo state is the 3rd smallest state in Nigeria by landmass and is the 13th most populated state according to the 2006 census. This state is dominated by Christians and is made up of just one tribe.

Igbo Tribe

The Igbo tribe in Imo is not different from the Igbo tribe in other south eastern states. The Igbos in Imo seem to have the most easily understandable Igbo dialect in the entire south-east. Of all the Igbo dialects in Imo, Mbaise and Owerre are the most common. The owerre dialect of the Igbos has found its way into entertainment and music.

The Igbos are predominantly Christians. Also, two of their major occupations are farming and trading. Some meals eaten by the Igbos in Imo include Ugba, Ukwa, Akpu and soup and pounded yam. The Igbos in Imo are known for their entertainment abilities and sometimes are considered a little dubious.

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