List of All Tribes in Katsina State Nigeria

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Katsina state is located in the northwest region of Nigeria. It is created in 1987 from Kaduna state and is the 17th largest state in Nigeria. This state is dominated by the Fulanis and Hausas and most of its indigenes are muslims.

Below are the tribes in Katsina state.

Fulani Tribe

The Fulani tribe is one of the biggest tribes in West Africa. Apart from Nigeria, this tribe can be found in some other African countries such as Chad, Niger republic, Senegal, Cameroon, etc. There are about 40 million people in this tribe with almost half of them being nomadic in nature. The Fulani people are cattle rearers and speak Fulfulde.

The people of the Fulani tribe are predominantly Muslims have similar cultures with the Hausas. People from Southern Nigeria usually mistake them for Hausas. The major occupation of the Fulanis is cattle rearing. Fulani men wear flowing gowns that are known as Babban riga while their women tie wrapper on blouse and put on the hijab. Meals eaten by this people are usually made from maize and millet

Hausa Tribe

The Hausas tribe is known to be the largest tribe in the whole of West Africa. The Hausa people are very influential and powerful people. Due to their level of influence, lots of the minority tribes in Northern Nigeria have adapted to their traditions and cultural values.

The Hausa are farmers and traders. They also practice Islam. The Hausas have a lot in common with the Arabs. This has fueled the belief that they migrated from the Middle East.

Men from the Hausa tribe usually dress in flowing gowns known as Babban riga while their women tie wrapper on blouse and cover their heads with hijabs.

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