Complete List of Tribes in Ogun State Nigeria

*Disclaimer: Due to insufficient data on various Nigerian tribes, we cannot ascertain the completeness or correctness of this information. If you believe that your tribe has been misrepresented or left off this list, please write the editor at Kindly include the name of your tribe and any other information that might be relevant to our research. You can also leave a comment on this article to voice your opinion. 

Ogun state is a state in southwest Nigeria that was craeted in 1976. It is bounded by Oyo, Osun, Ondo, and Lagos states. This state is made up of several local government areas and two tribes. It is also a host state of 9 universities, most of which are privately owned.

Below are the tribes in Ogun state.

Yoruba Tribe

The Yorubas in Ogun are believed to be descendants of Ogun, a great warrior and the Yoruba god of iron. This people are like other Yorubas in lifestyle, culture and religion.The Yorubas are perhaps the most educated group of people in Nigeria. The reason for this is the free education policy that has been own for in the Southwest for ver a century.

The Yorubas have farming and trading as their major occupations. Also, Christianity, Islam and traditional religion are the three religions practoised by this people.

Awori Tribe

The Awori people are found in parts of Ogun and Lagos. They found their way to Lagos from Ile-Ife. Some towns that are occupied by the Awori tribe include Ota, Igbesa, Ilobi and Tigbo. They are majorly farmers. They practise 3 major religions, Islam, Chriatianity and traditional religion.

Men from this tribe put on agbada while women dress just like people from the Yoruba tribe. Also, they are framers and traders.

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