List of Tribes in Osun State Nigeria

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Osun state was craeted in 1991. It has its capital in Osogbo and is bordered by Kwara, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogu and Oyo states. It plays host to Ile Ife, the ancestral home of the Yorubas and has the Yoruba tribe as the only tribe indigenous to it.

Yoruba Tribe

The Yorubas in Osun have Ile-Ife as ther ancestral home. They also believe that life began in Ile-Ife. They trace their Origin to Oduduwa. In as much as this paticular history of the Yorubas holds water only in Legends, it has become the generally accepted history of the Yoruba people.

The Yoruba tribe that is located in Osun is not just the dominant tribe in the state, it is the only tribe that is indigenous to this state. The Yorubas that are located in Osun are known to celebrate the Osun –Oshogbo day in August annually.

The Yorubas practise both Islam, Christianity and traditional religions.

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