Twitter Users Forced Glory Ose to Delete Her Account

Some trolls in the Twiter community has forced serial entrepreneur, Glory Osei to delete her Twitter page after returning to the social media over job scandal.

Some months ago, Glory and her partner, Muyiwa Folorunso were accused of fraud and maltreatment of staff by their former employees.

They became a talking point for some days. Glory came out and gave out her version of what transpired with some of her employers, denying maltreating her staff. But she failed to defend non-payment of salaries of some workers.

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One her return to Twitter yesterday, she had released a picture and a video with some of her usual nuggets coming some days earlier.

But the reactions were massive on the negative part forcing her to close her account after blocking several users.

See some of the reactions to the situation from the Twitter community.

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With this kind of situation, Glory will definitely be sticking with her Instagram where she has some level of control and won’t be trending, unlike Twitter.

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