Two Nigerians Aressted in Phillipines Over Possession of Drugs

In the Philippines, two Nigerian men were arrested over the weekend for possession of hard drugs by the police officers in Naga City leading to death penalty sentence.

According to reports, the two Nigerians arrested were found with methamphetamine estimated to be worth about N125 by police officers in Naga City, Camarines Sur in two different crackdowns on drug merchants on Saturday and Sunday.

The crackdown operatives reportedly caught a Nigerian who claimed to be a businessman identified as Azubuike Obiaghanwa Onwigbolu, 32, a resident of Angeles City, Pampanga, at 2:15 a.m. on Sunday, through a buy-bust operation wherein a police officer acted as a poser buyer looking for a seller.

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Prior to Sunday’s crackdown operation leading to the arrest of Azubuike, a similar buy-bust operation had been carried out on Saturday. The Saturday operation led to the arrest off Mbaneto Sopuluchukwu, 22.

According to the Philippines Dangerous Drugs Act, drug traffickers are liable to the death penalty.

The arrest and death penalty sentence of Nigerians abroad over drug trafficking issues is increasingly becoming a trend. A few weeks ago, a Nigerian lady was executed in Saudi Arabia over the possession of hard drugs. A few days later, the list of Nigerians on death row over drug-related crimes in Dubai was published. On Saturday, a Nigerian lady was arrested in Hong Kong for possession of cocaine hidden in her private part.


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