Two Pants Bandits Arrested in Lagos

— 2 men arrested for stealing a pant in Lagos.

—They were caught when both partners in crime were fighting and arguing over the pant.

— The two were charged with stealing and conspiracy.

Apparently, this pant issue hasn’t ended yet as two men identified as Friday Emmanuel, 21; and Obiora Nwabueze, 29 have been arrested for stealing pant.

They were caught while having an argument under bridge of Mile 2, Lagos state.

According to their statements, Nwabueze promised Emmanuel a sum of 30k if he could steal a pant for him.

However, Nwabueze went back on his promise causing the fight between the two which alerted the police.

Emmanuel declared he regretted listening to his friend who had forced him to steal the pant so he could become rich.

They were arrested by Operatives of the Lagos State Police Command, Satellite division, on Saturday, April 20, 2019 and have been arraigned to court. The two were charged with Stealing and conspiracy.

Also in the news is a Yabatech student who was caught stealing from the organization she worked for during her SIWES.

Perhaps oblivious to the presence of the CCTV, the student was caught on camera stealing multiple times from a drawer in the office.

It was reported that she stole over N500k in a period of 3 months.

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