UN Calls for Unity Among Ethnic Groups in Nigeria

The United Nations has called on the different tribes in Nigeria to be more tolerant and to ensure peace and unity. In a statement issued by the UN resident coordinator, Edward Kallon, he stated that

“we have to work together to resolve peacefully any concern that different groups in the country may have”.

This was in response to the eviction order issued by Northern youths on Igbos living in the North. He further stated that

“Nigeria is a great country with immense potential to build the welfare of its population and lead Africa in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. This can only be achieved in an atmosphere of the rule of law and peace where all citizens live happily irrespective of their ethnic or religious backgrounds”

Still on the eviction order issued to Igbos living in the North, Governor Lalong (Plateau state) through his media aide condemned the eviction order stating that those behind the order had negated the northern spirit of communality, accommodation and peaceful coexistence. He stated that such statements were uncalled for and urged the South East governors not to make it an agenda for discussion. He went further to assure the people of Plateau state that his administration will protect the constitutional rights of all citizens.

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