UpNorth-Banky W Explains How Wife Got Her Role

In an exclusive with Pulse Movies, Olubankole Wellington (Banky W) opened up on how his wife got the role she played in the movie UpNorth. He said in the exclusive that Adesua was only at the movie locations to cater and care for him as he was just recuperating from his cancer operation. She was then approached by the movie producers to play the character, Zainab.

He blushed at the questions asked him and didn’t mince a word whilst appraising her. The superstar said that Adesua stood by his side when he was undergoing surgery and also when he was recovering. He further explained that she was an avid supporter of his. For this reason, insisted on going with him to the movie set so she could take good care of him.

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Continuing he said: “Originally, she was not supposed to be in the movie, she was just there on the set as my wife tending to me and all of a sudden, they were like we kinda have this role that is really good for you and since you are here, can we talk you into doing it and of course being an amazingly supportive woman that she is, she agreed to play the role of Zainab and she killed it as she does

For the most part, Banky seems to be enjoying his roles in movies lately. Recall that the music artiste played an important role in Wedding Party 1 and Wedding Party 2.

Up North was released to the cinemas for December 28. It garnered a lot of positive reviews from movie fans both home and abroad. The blockbuster explores love, friendship, family and politics. Overall, it tells the story of a young prodigal heir (Banky W) who was sent to Bauchi as punishment for flouting his father’s orders.

The pair seem to be enjoying their marriage and we wish them good luck.

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