US Ban: Our Problem Is Here, Let’s Face It Before The World – Ezekwesili

Former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili is infuriated by the latest addition of Nigeria to the list of countries on the US travel ban list.

President Donal Trump had on Friday added six countries to the list of nations facing stringent travel restrictions. This will virtually block immigration from Nigeria, and Myanmar, where the Muslim minority is fleeing genocide.

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Three other African countries, added to the list include Eritrea, Sudan and Tanzania. The countries will be facing varying degrees of restrictions.

 With the latest addition of the five, the total number of countries now on the restricted travel list stands at 13.

Reacting to the development, Ezekwesili took to her Twiter page described it as infuriating.

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“Nations always determine whether the World respects and values its citizens. Once upon a time, there was this: the Chinese Exclusion Act. A US federal law signed by President Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers. It’s in our hands.
“Seeing one’s country on that unfortunate US Immigration Ban List is infuriating. But like I already stated, Nations determine how the World perceives, respects and values their citizens. It is in our hands. Our problem is here at home. We Fix it…..then We face the World,” she tweeted.

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