Vertonghen Headed For A Neurologist Following Head Injury Sustained In UCL Game

Vertonghen might have to see a neurologist on Thursday following a head injury he sustained in a clash between himself and Toby Aldeweireld in a Champions league game between Ajax and Tottenham.

The Belgian had to be helped off the pitch after looking dizzy and falling after initially being left on to play on following a lengthy treatment.

Tottenham had insisted on Wednesday that the injury to Jan Vertonghen wasn’t out of the ordinary and that he had not lost consciousness but while they confirmed he had suffered no ill-effects, he still has to be assessed by a specialist and this time a brain doctor as it were.

In an official statement by Tottenham on the club’s website, it read:

“Following testing he was judged to be alert and answered all questions correctly and lucidly, deeming fit to return to the field of play.

“All available video footage was relayed to our on-pitch medical team and they were able to confirm that he had suffered no loss of consciousness.

“Jan was immediately withdrawn as a result of the player informing medical staff that symptoms were developing suddenly and that he no longer felt stable standing up”

Griggs, spokesperson for Headway said it was high time football introduced a temporary concussion substitution that could let for longer off-the-pitch assessments.

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He said concussion is highly difficult to diagnose and that the symptoms could be hidden, hence, the need for players to be honest with how they are feeling.

Griggs stressed that a three minutes assessment of a player on the pitch wasn’t enough time for a proper or reliable diagnosis especially when players, fans and managers are itching for the game to continue.

He further said that the pressure on club and medical staff in such high-staked game were enormous and unfair and that the decision on whether a player should be made to continue or not should be left for an independent doctor.

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