Viral Video Shows Woman Confronting Supermarket Employees Over Mask Policy

A video shot on Sunday afternoon has gone viral showing an American woman identified as Shelley Lewis refusing to wear a mask at a supermarket.

The supermarket, Gelson’s requires all employees and customers wear a mask while inside the store. Lewis recorded a video of her refusing to wear a mask and she then shared it on Facebook.

After posting the video, she received backlash online and the video started trending on Twitter. Then she deleted the video off her Facebook page and deactivated her account.

Lewis in the video states that she has a medical condition that excludes her from wearing a mask. The manager of the store offers to get her items for her, but she refused saying she plans to purchase “private” things she doesn’t want him to see.

She goes on to accuse the store of discrimination and tells him that she plans to file a lawsuit.

The manager explained that he can’t accommodate her requests, and that if she wishes she can call the corporate office.

See Video Below:

Meanwhile, there are claims that Lewis had been going hard against COVID-19 regulations on her Facebook page.

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