We Don’t Mutilate Fellow Human Being – Army

The Nigerian Arm says mutilating fellow human being not in its character training and mandate.

It highlighted success recorded in the fight against insurgency.

After careful observation, the Nigerian Army (NA) on Saturday expressed it dismay at a video clip circulating on some social media platforms showing some persons in camouflage uniform mercilessly disfiguring a leg of a fellow human being, with some others shabbily, carelessly and variously dressed. Some are wearing bathroom slippers.

In a statement by Colonel Musa Sagir, Acting Director Army Public Relations the Army emphatically state that having thoroughly examined the video and investigated further, it has reached the factual conclusion that all the characters involved in the despicable act are not personnel of the NA.

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“The action of the characters in the video clip particularly the act of meting out cruel punishment, talk less of decapitating a part of a fellow human being is not licensed, encouraged or condoned by the NA and is entirely against NA’s training, Code of Conduct (COC), Rules of Engagement (ROE) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in or out of conflict situations.

Colonel Sagir also pointed that the camouflage used by the characters in the video is not the type been used in the Nigerian Army and does not in any way conform to with its dress code.

“Similarly, Nigerian Army troops are not allowed to wear bathroom slippers and civil outfits during operations,” it added.

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Speaking on it battle against insurgency in Nigeria, the Arm noted that it had severally captured many terrorists, took custody of many surrendered terrorists some of whom have been prosecuted, while those that voluntarily surrendered are undergoing de-radicalization and rehabilitation under the Federal Government programme codenamed Operation SAFE CORRIDOR.

“The Nigerian Army wishes to once again remind members of the public that not all photos and videos being circulated on social media and other outlets are truly members of the NA.”

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